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Costa Rica: an inspiring model of ecotourism

by drbyos

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1.5 billion people travel to discover a new country each year. A figure that increases by 5% per year, according to the World Tourism Organization.

A financial windfall for the host countries, but at what cost? To avoid the degradation of landscapes and allow local populations to benefit from economic spinoffs, the solution is ecotourism.

Report in southwestern Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula with Carlos Villalobos from Osa rural tours ; Esther Coronado Silva from the Corcovado El Tigre association ; and Suzanne Preukschat from Losmineros Guesthouse

Guests :
Clementine Concas-Russo, administrator of the association of actors of sustainable tourism made a world tour of responsible tourism for 7 months:
Adeline Lobbes, naturalist guide and consultant in sustainable tourism in Africa.

This report was produced with the support of the European Union.


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