Countdown to the last 10 days, users don’t kneel down and disable WhatsApp at any time

The transitional period for WhatsApp to update the privacy policy will expire after 10 days, that is, May 15 if there is no accident. If users refuse to “kneel down” and are unwilling to accept WhatsApp’s new user privacy terms, their WhatsApp functions will be Entering the final countdown stage, the account will be deleted after about 4 months.

The new privacy policy allows WhatsApp to share user information with the parent company Facebook, including the user’s phone number and transaction information. WhatsApp emphasizes that the policy has no impact on general individual users. Private messages will still be protected by peer-to-peer encryption, and only WhatsApp will be changed. Business enterprise account. Except for the old users who chose not to allow sharing of data with Facebook before August 2016, other WhatsApp users must accept the new privacy policy before May 15, otherwise normal use will be affected.

Countdown to the last 10 days, users don’t kneel down and disable WhatsApp at any time

Users who refuse to accept the new privacy policy will have their WhatsApp function restricted from May 15th. Their WhatsApp can receive message notifications and calls, but they cannot open received messages or send messages. They can answer calls But unable to play. If you still refuse to accept the new privacy policy within 120 days, WhatsApp will list the account as inactive after the 120-day period expires and may delete it.

If you have decided to abandon WhatsApp, you may want to notify all your contacts in the next 10 days. Many users choose to transfer to Signal and Telegram. The former does not have the function of transferring the content of WhatsApp conversations, but the latter can export WhatsApp conversations to Telegram. Users can also export the content of the conversation, save it to the mobile phone and the cloud, or choose to send it to an email or message.

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To export conversations, iPhone users click “Export Conversation Records” on the “Contact Information” page of WhatsApp individuals or groups, and then follow the instructions to choose whether to export multimedia files. Android users click on the “…” in the upper right corner of the personal or group communication, and then select “More” and “Export Conversation”. I plan to transfer the conversation to Telegram. At this time, select Telegram to import the content of the WhatsApp conversation. It is worth noting that exporting with multimedia files can only export the last 10,000 messages. Without multimedia, you can export up to 40,000 messages. Finally, if you need to permanently delete your WhatsApp account, you can refer to our previous teaching.


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