Coutinho, portrait of a failure


The most expensive player in the history of Barça is already in Munich. And nobody misses him. Philippe Coutinho He had no place in the Camp Nou after Griezmann's arrival, also pending as is the president Josep Maria Bartomeu to achieve the return of Neymar, the footballer who caused with his march an endless carousel of changes in the team.

The Brazilian went to Paris SG in 2017 and Barça received 222 million euros, which established its termination clause. But 375 has already been spent on three players (Dembélé, Coutinho and Griezmann) not counting all the variables that would raise that figure to 425. A fortune to return, curiously, to the starting point: negotiating to return Ney.

He hasn't been two full seasons at the Camp Nou, turned into a melancholic player, whose football was going out

But the portrait of failure is Coutinho, which arrives on loan to Bayern. He has not been even two seasons with Messi and Suarez. In theory he came to succeed Iniesta or collect, at least, the legacy of Neymar in the left wing of the attack. But neither one thing nor another.

He arrived in January 2018, ready as Barça was then to pay 120 million plus 40 in variables, even knowing that he could not count on him in the Champions League. And he leaves in August 2019, assigned to Bayern Munich, who will only pay 8.5 million euros for that loan until June 2020, in addition, of course, to assume the very high annual record of the Brazilian: 12 million net.

Sneak Farewell

It goes Coutinho almost furtively, without saying goodbye publicly. He traveled to Bilbao, but was discarded by Valverde because the operation was already agreed with Bayern, who intends to repeat what he did in his day with Madrid and James during the last two seasons. Having high level players without paying a single euro of transfer. He was in the stands of San Mamés attending the defeat of Barça before catching a plane to arrive yesterday in Munich where he passed the medical tests prior to his presentation.

They waited at Bayern to Sané, but a serious knee injury frustrated his knee. Now it is up to Coutinho to recover the time lost in Barça

They waited at Bayern to I healed but the serious injury suffered by the City player in his right knee (he could be more than six months off) frustrated the operation, increasing nervousness in Munich because they had to replace the progress of his two sacred cows: Robben and Ribéry.

However, Coutinho appears, for whom Barça fought for a long time to get his signing, without even caring about making it the most expensive in its history. Now, 20 months after his landing at the Camp Nou, he leaves without leaving any legacy, despite having the complicity of Suarez, his old friend in Anfield, and Messi.

Not even with Messi's help

Its performance was decreasing. It started well, but it ended very badly, facing even Camp Nou when he celebrated his goal for United by covering his ears, which cost him a disagreement with the public. To the point that even Messi had to go out to defend him from so much whistle. "It is ugly to fire a fellow like that," the Argentine star said to wrap up a melancholic Coutinho That was going out. Not even with the help of 10 he got up, slowly consuming his football.

Therefore, and after signing Griezmann, Barça has chosen the cession formula as a lesser evil. I couldn't find buyers for Coutinho. Liverpool, his former club, also ruled out the return. There was no club that could balance such a huge investment. Although with the loan to Bayern it allows him to save his token and some bonuses with the English team and free Valverde of a problem

It must be a solution after the departure of Neymar and it was a problem for everyone. Even for him

It had to be Coutinho a solution and it ended up becoming a nuisance. A nuisance for everyone. Even for him. He was never truly happy at Camp Nou. In 20 months he left few smiles. He leaves after playing only 25 minutes this summer.

Coutinho also symbolizes the failure of a disconcerting sports policy. The proof? In the last year two sports directors have fallen (Robert Fernandez Y Pep Safe) and a sports vice president (Jordi Mestre). Now it is Bartomeu who pilots that area. And who will decide if Neymar returns.

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