Covid-19: a mother is inspired by the pandemic to find the name of her baby

Corona, Covid, Lockdown… Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have already seen some parents take inspiration from the health situation to name their baby. A woman has shown even more imagination, since she herself invented a name derived from the Covid-19, and shared it on a Facebook group dedicated to expecting mothers. His post was then relayed on Reddit and the least we can say is that Internet users are stunned.

A first name inspired by the Covid-19

“Opinions on the first name Covidlynn for a girl ? Since I would have been pregnant with her a good part of 2020. My husband likes her but my mom is not a fan and says she will call her Covy “, writes this mom, who must give birth in april 2021. On the Facebook group, other members expressed their doubts. “What about Quarantina? Just kidding. Personally, I would never name my child after a virus that has killed over a million people around the world.”, thus writes one of them.

On Reddit, Internet users have not mince words. The post of this pregnant woman was indeed shared in the topic “insanepeoplefacebook”, is “crazy people on Facebook”. “Covidlynn … that’s probably something the kid is going to be for bullied at school, warns a user of the forum. “She’s going to have a difficult life. Half of the people she’s going to meet won’t believe she exists and the other half won’t come closer than three feet to her.”another quipped.

“I had a baby in April and I totally missed the opportunity to call him Pandemickael. Flute”, jokes a surfer. Others are trying to find first names that might have a vague connection to the coronavirus, without being so strange and without referring to it so clearly. “Can we offer him Cora and Rhona as alternatives to this madness?”, asks one of them.

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