COVID-19 cases rise to 637, Tasmania closes its borders

Another New South Wales school closed after a positive coronavirus test.

Tonight the Anglican school of St. Columba in Port Macquarie informed the parents in an urgent email.

“We have been informed by NSW Health that a member of the SCAS community has tested positive for COVID-19,” said principal Terry Muldoon.

He didn’t say if he was a student or a member of staff from the school.

“In the interest of student and staff safety, the school will be closed tomorrow, Friday 20 March,” he said.

“All students should stay home. Pre and post-school care will also be closed. Columba Cottage Early Learning Center will remain open.”

Muldoon says that parents will be informed of the reopening date and time.

“Thank you for your understanding as we work together to answer this question. Further information and updates will be provided as they are provided by the relevant agencies,” he said.

Brad Hazzard, health minister of New South Wales, last week said that closings of mobile schools “could be the new norm” whenever a new case is detected.

He said that other school cases will also see the end of the lessons.

“If a child, staff member or any other person within that school is found with the COVID-19 virus, then it will actually take a breather and a day out will be the immediate requirement,” he said.

Mark Scott, of the NSW Department of Education, told parents to keep their children away from school if they had symptoms of cold or flu.

“If your child has symptoms that you wouldn’t want anyone to have if they were sitting next to you on the bus, we don’t want those kids in our classes,” he said.


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