Covid-19: hundreds of people for the first screening operation in Saint-Girons

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Unprecedented operation this Tuesday in Saint-Girons. The ARS, alongside local actors, organized a vast Covid-19 prevention and screening operation in the city center. From the first hours, hundreds of people thronged in front of the device.

It is barely 9 am and already, the crowd is pressing on the town hall square. This Tuesday, Saint-Girons hosted an unprecedented device, a massive campaign for the prevention and screening of Covid-19, in which hundreds of people participated.

Early in the morning, a long queue formed in front of the barnums set up for the occasion. Two of them were reserved for screening for Covid-19. A doctor and a nurse from two laboratories in the territory carried out PCR tests there. Two others were devoted to prevention workshops where the public could be made aware of the actions to adopt in this period of health crisis.

Come to be tested first

But it was clear that those present were mainly to be tested. Some, like André, 77, came very early. “I waited over an hour, I thought I would come early to avoid the crowd but it was missed,” says the septuagenarian. They say it’s better to get tested, so I took advantage of this operation. Like him, Jean-Louis came especially from Eycheil. At 72, he has no symptoms but prefers “prevention than cure”. “I’m still a little worried about the evolution of the epidemic …” They have for the first time experienced the famous test in the nose. “Not pleasant, of course, but not unbearable,” comments André. Others endured it less well, but it was necessary. “My boyfriend has tested positive, I have no symptoms but since we live with him, we wanted to be tested as a precaution”, indicates a young girl who came with her group of friends.

Even before the opening of the device, a queue had formed in front of the barnums.

“The panel is large, there are people of all ages. Worried people, people who want to be reassured and then a few people who have symptoms, adds Geneviève Chartier, municipal councilor and liberal nurse. They are screened as a priority so that they do not stay in contact with others for too long, even if we ensure that barrier gestures are respected throughout the course. “

For all, a “secretarial” time is necessary before taking the test. “We ask them for their social security number and then ask them a number of questions. To make traffic more fluid, we had to add more people to these posts, ”adds the elected official, also surprised at such a crowd. At noon, they were already 200 to have made the trip to Saint-Girons and the surrounding area.

Other similar operations to come

“If Saint-Girons was chosen as a pilot town, it is because it is part of the community of municipalities with which we have signed a health contract. This is part of our long-standing partnership ”, specifies Marie-Odile Audric-Gayol, director of the departmental delegation of the ARS of Ariège. “Other operations of this type will take place in the coming weeks, especially in more mountainous areas. »In the Couserans or elsewhere? “Nothing is excluded”.

The Ariège firefighters were mobilized in particular to make those present aware of the right actions to adopt.

The Ariège firefighters were mobilized in particular to make those present aware of the right actions to adopt.

Results within 5 days

For the people tested this Tuesday morning in Saint-Girons, the result of their PCR test should be known within 5 days. A personal email will be sent to them and their attending physician to ensure their follow-up in the event of a positive return.

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