Covid-19. Immunity could last at least 8 months for those infected, according to a

Review Science published a study on the duration of immunity of people who contracted Covid-19. According to the researchers, people infected with coronavirus would benefit from immunity against further contamination for at least eight months after infection.

For this study, 188 infected patients were observed. About 90% of them had mild symptoms while only 7% were hospitalized. The remaining 2% were asymptomatic.

Antibodies and immune cells

The object of this study is the levels of antibodies and immune cells including B lymphocytes, CD8 T lymphocytes and CD4 T lymphocytes, of these patients, a few months after being infected.

The study of Science reveals that seven months after infection, the B lymphocytes, which have the particular function of memorizing the properties of the infectious agent, are on average present in greater quantities than during the first month of infection. While T lymphocytes persist in the body, six months after infection, for nearly nine out of ten patients.


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