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Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. They will apply a third booster dose of the anticovid vaccine to people over 50 years of age

The british government announced this Tuesday that as of next week will start administering a third dose from reinforcement from vaccine against him covid-19 to the greater from 50 years and to health personnel, getting ready for a winter potentially complicated.

We have to be vigilant, as autumn and winter present favorable conditions for covid-19 and other seasonal viruses, “Health Minister Sajid Javid warned deputies in the House of Commons.

Children go back to school, more people go back to work, the change in weather means that more people may spend time indoors, “he listed.

Javid also mentioned the possible Pressure Over the Hospital services of others seasonal viruses like the flu.

The reinforcement program aims to prevent social and economic restrictions from being imposed again, such as those of the three confinements decreed in the country since March 2020, according to the minister.

The government has already decided not to impose mandatory vaccination to enter places such as discos and stadiums, despite having contemplated it.

However, if the pandemic worsens, the possibility of reintroducing some measures such as the obligation to wear a mask or the advice to work from home is reserved.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to detail his plan to combat COVID-19 this winter at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Potentially difficult winter

In addition to all those over 50 years of age, people aged 16 to 49 years with health problems that make them especially vulnerable to the disease and adults who are in contact with immunosuppressed people may also receive the booster vaccine, authorities previously announced sanitary.

In total, 30 of the more than 66 million inhabitants of the United Kingdom will be able to receive this third dose after the approval of the measure by the respective health authorities of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To this end, the experts from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) recommended using primarily a full dose of Pfizer / BioNtech vaccine or, if not possible, a half dose of Moderna.

People who for medical reasons cannot receive these vaccines developed according to RNA technology, will be able to receive a dose of the more conventional AstraZeneca / Oxford.

The booster injection should be given at least six months after the second dose.

The British campaign began in December 2020 and since then 81% of the population over 16 years of age has been vaccinated with the full schedule.

It has been an “incredible success” as it is estimated to have prevented 24 million COVID-19 cases and 112,000 deaths, said Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer.

But he warned that winter could be complicated by the return of seasonal epidemics like the flu, underdeveloped last year due to lockdowns.

The Johnson executive already announced on Monday that it will expand vaccination to young people aged 12 to 15 in England starting next week, with a first and only dose of Pfizer / BioNTech.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 134,000 people have died in the United Kingdom from covid-19 and the country, where the delta variant is totally dominant, registers some 30,000 new cases a day.



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