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Covid-19 infection is now no more deadly than the flu, UK study


Flu is said to be more deadly than Covid-19 infection.

GridHEALTH.id – Recent studies have shown that Covid-19 infection is no more deadly than the flu.

The study is known to have been carried out by the Financial Times in the UK.

They use official data held by the British government.

In his analysis, it was found that the number of people who died from Covid-19 had fallen in the middle of the current flu season.

In the same number of cases, flu was found to cause about 40 deaths.

Similar data were also found in the elderly group over the age of 80.

Where the death rate from Covid-19, the Omicron variant, was found to be lower than the flu.

This is allegedly due to the high level of immunity as a result of the vaccination program and the decreased severity of the disease caused by the corona virus that causes COVID-19, the Omicron variant.

“Is Omicron the same as the flu? No,” said senior epidemiologist researcher from Cambridge University.

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