Covid-19. IPN qualifies as a “human error” application of vaccine with empty syringe

The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) reported on the application of the Covid-19 vaccine with a empty syringe, that internal training procedures will be reviewed in detail and forceful measures will be taken to correct the error.

Through a statement, the educational institution reaffirmed that whoever gave the injection to a Elderly with a syringe without the vaccine dose was a nursing student, who received training like all volunteers.

In addition to qualifying the case as a “human error”, The IPN clarified that the vaccine was immediately applied correctly to the person and without any complications.

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In the letter, the institution also offered an apology to those who have felt affected.

The above is presented, after the president Andrés Manuel López ObradorDuring his morning lecture, he pointed out that it should be investigated if it is not a “mounting“, And accused that it was an” exaggeration “of the mass media the diffusion that was given to the video in which the action is evidenced.

“What you have to see is that if it was not mounted, because they are capable of all, I do not know about you, but I know a journalist and a television channel that was a specialist in assemblies, so I do not trust them, it caught my attention” , said the president.

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While the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, reinforced the theory of the President, in addition to not ruling out criminal complaints in case it was proven that it was a setup.

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“As the President pointed out, we do not rule out any hypothesis of possible human error until a set-up, in which both the person in question and people outside the operation, could be involved, perhaps, in pressuring, bribing or inducing inappropriate behavior. , if this is documented, the sanctions can have a criminal character and also extend to those people who may have been participants in such an element, even as intellectual authors, then we go for everything and we will do it as soon as possible, “he said .



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