Covid-19: many Saint-Gironnais to be tested

Launched last week at the departmental level by the ARS (Regional Health Agency), the prevention campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19 made a stop in Saint-Girons on Tuesday, September 15.

“This is a free reception, counseling and screening operation carried out at two levels under the responsibility of the Ariège prefecture at the departmental level and with, locally, the intervention of partners in the territory. In this case for Saint-Girons, the Center hospitalier Ariège-Couserans, the CPAM, IREPS Occitanie, the community of municipalities and the city of Saint-Girons, health professionals including liberal doctors and analysis laboratories doctors, SDIS doctors and departmental council services. The Red Cross for its part ensured communication and information upstream of the day, in particular at the Saint-Girons market ”, details Marie-Odile Audric-Gayol, the departmental director of the ARS.

Some two hundred people had thus gone from midday, on a voluntary basis, to the town hall square where information, prevention and screening stands were set up. Supported by Social Security, the quadruple action of prevention, reception, counseling and screening was free and aimed to receive without an appointment. “The Saint-Gironnaise day calls for others that the ARS and its partners will organize in agreement between the prefecture and the requesting municipalities, continues Ms. Audric-Gayol, because they are part of a desire for free medicine accessible to all audiences. This involves supporting people, in addition to the application of barrier gestures and the physical distancing rules that are in force. This campaign is a complementary action to the preventive screenings organized in the EHPAD and slaughterhouses in Ariège. Massive screenings that make it possible to assess the level of circulation of the virus and to identify patients who ignore each other. Indeed, if a person is declared positive, an anonymous contact person tracing procedure is initiated in order to stop, if necessary by isolating patients, the chain of transmission of the virus ”. Continuing in the afternoon, the Saint-Gironnaise screening day allowed a few hundred Couserannais to be tested, all receiving in the following days, under the seal of medical confidentiality, the results of the samples taken by the two local liberal laboratories, that of Champ de Mars and Barrau – De Verbizier.

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