Covid-19. Merkel asks Germans to stay home in face of rising cases

“Please stay as long as possible at home and in the place where you live. I know that in addition to sound severe, it represents a hard sacrifice,” said the chancellor in her usual weekend video message.

Merkel also called for the Germans to reduce the number of contacts with people they know “inside and outside the home”, and that “any travel that is not strictly necessary” and “any party that is not strictly necessary” be dispensed with.

The chancellor said that these sacrifices must be made in self-interest and in the interest of society to allow schools and kindergartens to remain open and so that the economy and jobs are no longer affected.

Germany, according to Merkel, is in a difficult phase of the pandemic and infections are increasing faster than in the spring.

“The way we are going to live the winter and how we are going to celebrate Christmas is something that will be decided these days. We have to do everything so that the virus does not spread in an uncontrolled way. Every day is important and everyone can contribute keeping their distance , respecting hygiene standards and wearing masks “, he said.

“But it is necessary to go further: science shows us that the spread of the virus is related to the number of contacts we have,” he added.


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