Covid-19: WHO approves wave of restrictions sweeping across Europe

With more than 330,000 positive Covid-19 cases per day, most European countries are tightening health restrictions. And they must be severe, because it is a question of saving thousands of lives affirms the World Health Organization for whom the second wave is just starting to sweep over Europe:

“The autumn / winter wave continues to unfold in Europe with an exponential increase in daily cases and a corresponding increase in the percentage of daily deaths. The evolution of the epidemiological situation in Europe is very worrying” said Hans Kluge, director of WHO Europe.

And the WHO warns, if “strategies to ease” restrictions were carried out, mortality levels “four to five times higher than April” could occur “by January”.

Closure of borders in question?

No country has yet mentioned closing borders as in the first wave, but most parts of Europe have been classified in red by European Union health authorities.

Among them, the France, which recorded more than 30,600 new cases on Thursday with a high positivity rate of 12.6%. 88 people have died from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours and 1,750 people are in intensive care, 6,529 hospitalizations have been recorded over the last 7 days.

But the question arises of a relaxation of the curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. in favor of the cultural community. Cinemas and theaters, artists, fear for their survival, like restaurant owners and café managers.

Prime Minister Jean Castex declared yesterday that “at 9 p.m. everyone should be at home”. But it would be a question, for example, that a cinema ticket or a ticket for a show serve as proof to avoid the fine. Nothing is decided yet.

At UK also, the runaway Covid-19 imposes new restrictions. In London and seven other regions, more than 11 million people are banned from receiving people outside their homes and they will have to reduce their trips to a minimum from this weekend.

In Manchester, the mayor Andy Burnham can not take it any longer, he rejects this placement in level 3 alert, which he qualifies overly as arbitrary:

“People are tired of being treated this way. The North is tired of being pushed around, we don’t want to be pushed around anymore. It’s a pandemic, where people’s lives, their jobs, their home businesses are in play. You know, it’s not just a little politics game. It’s real. “

Some of the most drastic restrictions were approved in Poland. Many regions, including the capital, Warsaw, have been classified in the red category. This means that the schools have closed their doors.

A government decision that follows the increase in Covid-19 cases which is pushing the Polish health system to the brink.


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