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Covid: athletes; ok return to race protocol commission – Sport

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 18 – The technical commission at the Ministry of Health unanimously approved the Circular for the resumption of sporting activity for competitive athletes recovered from Covid. ANSA learns this in the committee’s circles. The Circular is based on the ‘Return To Play’ protocol of the Sports Medicine Federation (Fmsi), which reduces health tests for returning to activity. “The commission appreciated the work of the Fmsi – the president of Fmsi, Maurizio Casasco said on the phone with ANSA -. I thank Minister Speranza, the head of cabinet Coccoluto and the head of the Galeone division who supported our work”.

The update of the Circular, while fully respecting the health protection of athletes, provides for a significant reduction in the health checks necessary for the safe return to sporting activity of non-professional competitive athletes. There will therefore also be a very noticeable decrease in the burden of examinations on the national health service and a consequent significant reduction in costs for users.