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Covid: still four deaths, but the infections drop below one thousand

Four people died, six hospitalizations and 959 new positives at Covid. The bulletin with the update of the pandemic situation released by the health companies still gives us important numbers in the last 24 hours in province of Ferrara, even if the number of infections returns below one thousand for the first time after several days. Given the latter to keep an eye on in the near future to understand if the peak has already been exceeded and we have entered the descending phase.

Four people died in the Ferrara area, even if two of them are residents outside the province. I’m a 61-year-old woman from Ferrara expired at the Cona hospital, a 80-year-old man of Hundred who lost his life at the Delta hospital, a 83-year-old man from Pieve di Cento (Bologna) who was hospitalized in Cento and a 77-year-old man from Sala Bolognese who was hospitalized in Cona. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the provincial territory, 1,075 people have therefore died from causes related to Covid, of which 558 men and 517 women.

In the Covid departments ofCona hospital they are then registered 6 new hospitalizations (of which 1 in intensive care, transferred from non-intensive wards) in the face of 3 dimissionthe. Currently, 147 patients are hospitalized in the city hospital out of 154 beds available (14 in the 15 intensive care places). Complete the departments of the other Covid hospitals in the province, with 86 admitted to the Delta hospital and 40 to the Cent hospitalThe.

I 959 new positives, all from sporadic contact, are distributed in every municipality of Ferrara: 72 Argenta, 31 Bondeno, 85 Cento, 39 Codigoro, 98 Comacchio, 44 ​​Copparo, 331 Ferrara, 18 Fiscaglia, 10 Goro, 7 Jolanda di Savoia, 16 Lagosanto, 4 Masi Torello, 35 Mesola, 16 Ostellato, 11 Poggio Renatico, 23 Portomaggiore, 16 Riva del Po, 27 Terre del Reno, 10 Tresignana, 20 Vigarano Mainarda and 9 Voghiera, while 37 cases come from outside the province. The total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 52,265, also counting 2,383 residents outside the province.

In home isolation others have entered 512 people and 477 left healed of the last 24 hours are instead 958.

Finally the vaccination campaign: on January 16th they were carried out 3,389 vaccinations (509 first doses, 382 second doses and 2,498 third doses), which increase the total from the beginning of the campaign to 731,456 administrations (291,694 first doses, 274,296 second doses and 165,466 third doses).

The situation in Emilia-Romagna

Since the beginning of the epidemic from Coronavirus, in Emilia Romagna and 816,613 positive cases are registered, 11,189 more, out of a total of 38,705 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of tampons made is therefore of 28,9%, a non-indicative value of the general trend seen on number of swabs performed, which in holidays it is lower than on the other days and above all the molecular swabs are made primarily on cases for which a positive result is often expected.

This is the data communicated to the Ministry of Health, whose 1,429 new cases registered in Reggio Emilia must be added and province, which could not be loaded due to a detection problem. The data will be recovered in the next few days. The grand total today would therefore be 12,618 cases.

Patients currently hospitalized in the terapie intensive there are 149 in Emilia-Romagna (unchanged); the average age is 61.5 years. On the total, 95 are not vaccinated (zero vaccine doses received, mean age 60.5 years), the 63,7%, while 54 are vaccinated with a full cycle (mean age 63.2 years). A figure that must be related to the fact that people over 12 vaccinated with a full cycle in Emilia-Romagna exceed 3.6 million, about 300 thousand vaccinable people who have not yet vaccinated: the percentage of unvaccinated people admitted to intensive care is therefore very higher than those who have been vaccinated. Regarding patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments, I am 2.456 (+62), mean age 69.5 years.

Compared to the 16,408 new cases registered the previous day, and contagion register a -31,8%. The number of people admitted to Covid departments increases by2,6%, those of intensive care are unchanged.

Meanwhile, the anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues. The progressive count of the vaccine doses administered can be followed in real time on the portal of the Emilia-Romagna Region dedicated to the topic: https: // health.regione.emilia-romagna.it/anti-covid vaccine, which also indicates how many vaccination cycles have been completed and the additional doses administered. All information about the campaign: https://vaccinocovid.regione.emilia-romagna.it/

All ore 15 were administered as a whole 9,135,927 doses; out of the total they are 3.656.466 people over 12 who have completed the vaccination course, the 91%. The third doses already done are 1.915.147.

Nell’Open day regionale from Sunday 16th January, dedicated to school age population (5-19 years) organized by the Region and Health Authorities were carried out 6.707 vaccinations from Piacenza to Rimini: 3,596 doses administered to boys and girls between 5 and 11 years old, 2.980 doses to boys and girls between 12 and 19 years old; to these must be added a further 131 doses in the 5-19 year range administered in vaccination camper in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

In particular, a Piacenza 370 doses were administered, of which 120 to children between 5 and 11 years, 868 a Parma (including 565 to children), 524 a Reggio Emilia (including 310 to children), 801 a Modena (including 513 to children), 1309 a Bologna (of which 727 to children) 368 a Imola (including 116 for children); 306 a Ferrara (including 174 to children), 717 a Ravenna (including 380 to children), 451 a Cesena (including 180 to children), 499 a Forlì (including 222 to children), 494 a Rimini (including 289 for children).

L’middle age of the new positives is 35,6 years.

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Bologna with 2,667 cases, followed by Modena (1.968) e Rimini (1,447). And then Cesena (991), Ravenna (966), Ferrara (959); so Piacenza (658), Forlì (647), Imola district (442) e Parma (427). In the end, Reggio Emilia (17 to which 1,429 cases not yet counted will be added).

In the last 24 hours they have been carried out 16,275 molecular swabs, for a total of 7,754,349. To these are also added 22,430 rapid antigen tests.

As for people as a whole heal, I am 2,866 more and reach an altitude of 490,346. THE active cases, that is i actual patients, there are 311.690 (+8.301). Of these, the people in insulation the house, i.e. those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 309,085 (+8.239), the 99.2% of the total number of active cases.

Unfortunately, there are 22 deaths: 1 in the province of Piacenza (an 80-year-old woman); 4 in the province of Parma (two women, aged 77 and 91, and two men aged 70 and 74); 2 in the province of Modena (a 77-year-old man and a 100-year-old woman); 9 in the province of Bologna (4 men, respectively 76.77 and 83 years old – the latter registered by the Ferrara Ausl – and 94 years old; 5 women, respectively 54, 74, 88, 90 and 95 years old); 2 a Ferrara (1 woman of 61 years and 1 man of 80), 1 y Ravenna (a 56-year-old woman), 1 y Forlì-Cesena (1 man aged 71) and 1 y Rimini (an 82-year-old man). Finally, 1 case concerns a 68-year-old man resident outside the region, whose death was registered by the Local Health Authority of Bologna. No deaths in the province of Reggio Emilia. In total, there have been 14,577 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic.

On the territory, the patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 6 a Piacenza (unchanged), 20 a Parma (+1); 17 a Reggio Emilia (-1); 19 a Modena (unchanged); 30 a Bologna (-2); 10 a Imola (+1); 19 a Ferrara (+1); 7 a Ravenna (-1); 2 a Forlì (unchanged); 2 a Cesena (unchanged); 17 a Rimini (+1).

These i cases of positivity on the territory since the beginning of the epidemic, which refer not to the province of residence, but to the one in which the diagnosis was made: 45.850 to Piacenza (+658), 63.816 a Parma (+427), 88.782 a Reggio Emilia (+17, to which a further 1,429 unregistered cases will be added), 130,341 a Modena (+1.968), 166.246 a Bologna (+2.667), 25.262 a Imola (+442), 52.191 a Ferrara (+959), 73.781 a Ravenna (+966), 38.398 a Forlì (+647), 46.837 a Cesena (+991) and 85.109 a Rimini (+1.447).

Compared to what was communicated in recent days, 10 cases have been eliminated: 5 positive for the antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab and 5 as judged not Covid-19 cases. Furthermore, following verification of the data communicated in the past days, 1 deceased from the province of Parma was eliminated and entered incorrectly.


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