Covid, they hospitalized her after 11 hours of waiting in the emergency room: the next day her mother died at 41 years old

Antonella Abbatangelo, 41, from Trani, mother of a 14-month-old child, had had fever and cough for a week, who died on Thursday 19 November after contracting Covid. The death occurred in the Dimiccoli hospital in Barletta where she was hospitalized for about five days, after waiting 11 hours before being accepted in the emergency room. The day before admission the woman had been sent home from the emergency room in Trani, where she had gone because she was not feeling well.

The 41-year-old presented herself in the Trani hospital accompanied by her relatives one week after the first symptoms of the infection appeared. After being sent home from the Trani emergency room, Antonella was accompanied the next day to the hospital in Barletta, where she would wait 11 hours before being hospitalized.

“We were hooked on the phone from morning to evening only to get confused and quick explanations from the doctors” explains her husband Massimiliano on social media. Until the communication of his death, which arrived on Thursday morning. Now Antonella’s relatives are all in isolation despite having tested negative for the swab, also unable to attend her funeral for obvious precautionary reasons.

Giuseppe Carpagnano, a cardiologist on duty in the Dimiccoli hospital, told the pain of health workers with a long message posted on Facebook: “She died with Covid, that’s for sure, but it cannot be admitted, with certainty, that she died for Covid! The tension between work colleagues is at the limit, the anguish before the shift is now a constant. The fearful looks of these patients are indelibly imprinted in the memory, as well as the image of that dull face, of that body In March – he remembers – when we witnessed the disaster in Lombardy as spectators, we thought that if it had happened with us it would have been a massacre “. There are great responsibilities which, in due course, will need to be clarified. Now there is no time for controversy. We do our part, demonstrating civic sense and a spirit of solidarity “

ASL BT tried to clarify the incident by giving details of the stages of the medical procedure: “The woman arrived in the emergency room of the Dimiccoli Hospital in Barletta on November 13 and was taken in charge at 11.01. a medical examination at 11.05 pm: dyspnoea and high fever were noted for two days. A great comorbidity represented by metabolic problems must be added to the acute clinical picture. The swab gave a positive result. The lady underwent oxygen therapy and were immediately requested blood chemistry and blood gas tests “. Followed by “pulmonary angiotach and chest CT scan”. Which highlighted “a picture of bilateral bronchopneumonia with radiological characteristics typical of Covid19 pneumonia in an advanced phase”.

A clinical picture defined as “complex and compromised”. Antonella’s situation worsened on the morning of November 15, when she was transferred to intensive care. “The patient was treated according to the protocol for the intensive treatment of cases of severe respiratory insufficiency. We naturally started an investigation to verify all the steps of what happened” assures the general manager Alessandro Delle Donne, General Manager Asl Bt. family is not there: “Explain to me one day how to behave with my son – explains her husband Massimiliano – in telling him that his mother is no longer there. Now I conclude leave us alone”.


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