Covid Third Wave May Not Affect Seriously In Children New Reports | Kovid study found that third wave is less likely to intensify in children

New Delhi: Kovid study shows third wave is unlikely to affect children. Lesson Learned by Lancet Kovid Commission India Task Force New information in Nati. The only way to spread the disease is to spread it everywhere.

Most children affected by Covid had no symptoms. The Lancet studied 2,600 children hospitalized with Kovid. Data from 10 hospitals were taken from the private and public sectors. Only a very small percentage of children treated in hospitals have acute illness.

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Out of one lakh children affected by Kovid disease, only 500 are in the hospital. I just had to ship. Of these, only two per cent died. Dr. Suu Kyi at the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences In K. Kabra clarifies.

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In the function of asthma, obesity, and other organs The team also said that care should be taken in the case of children with night sickness. The symptoms of the disease increase with age. The report also states that the law is increasing.

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