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COVID vaccine: these are the side effects of the fourth dose

Although globally the impact of pandemic begins to soften, coronavirus continues to cause significant numbers of infections and also deaths. In the last 7 days 13.6 million cases were recorded and almost 70 thousand deaths worldwide. In Argentina, meanwhile, this Thursday 16,650 positives and 160 deaths were reported.

In this context, the Ministry of Health advances with the placement of the third dose to the target population. With almost 15.8 million vaccines applied, more than 33% of the population has already been immunizedand the health portfolio also confirmed that, starting in March, it will begin applying a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine.

Meanwhile, the Buenos aires city start in March to apply the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine for those who integrate the groups with “deficiencies” in the immune system.

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“As of March, the reinforcement arrives for those who required three primary doses”confirmed this Thursday the Minister of Health Portage, Fernn Quirsat a press conference.

COVID vaccine: what are the side effects of the fourth dose

With the background of Israel as the first country to move towards this scheme, the Sheba Medical Center at Tell Hashomeri published last January 2 the list of the side effects most reported by those people who accessed the fourth dose against COVID.

COVID: The most reported side effects after applying the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine

The study involved 154 volunteers, from which the researchers, after administering the fourth dose of the COVID vaccinethey began to track the responses of the injected drug in the body.

  • About 80% of those inoculated noted the appearance of a inflammatory process mild at the site where the injection was given. They were also observed similar symptoms in patients after third dose of vaccination;
  • 45% of the study participants complained of the appearance of general discomfortalthough the condition remained for a short period of time;
  • Another 10% report quite severe muscle pain and weakness for no apparent reason.

With almost 15.8 million vaccines applied, more than 33% of the population has already been immunized with the third dose, and a fourth application is now scheduled.

In this way, the team of researchers ruled out side effects and “serious” health problems after the application of the fourth dose of the vaccinein such a way that the degree of tolerance of the compound is “normal” and the symptoms that arose, quickly disappeared.

“The fourth dose is completely safe and does not represent any threat to those who are going to administer it”highlighted the head of this study, Gili Regev-Yohai.

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The fourth dose of the COVID vaccine It will be applied to those who belong to one of these groups:

  • who are receiving chemotherapy;
  • who are receiving immunosuppressants for transplants or the like;
  • who receive corticosteroids;
  • Those who are in treatment of hemotherapy;
  • Those who suffer from a disease that has damaged their immunity (congenital or acquired, such as HIV).


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