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Covid waste, via a new collection system. Giani: “Simplification for citizens”

Change the way waste is collected for Covid-positive citizens. With a new ordinance just signed, President Giani streamlines procedures and makes life easier for people. No more red bags. The waste must simply be disposed of in the undifferentiated using at least 2 bags one inside the other, well closed and strong enough, to reduce the risk of any breakage. The new and simplified collection system was presented this morning by Giani together with the environmental councilor Monia Monni, the president of Anci Tuscany Matteo Biffoni and the president of Confservizi Cispel Toscana president Nicola Perini,

“After having equated the rapid antigenic swabs with the molecular ones and created a mechanism of silent consent 24 hours after the negativity report – explains Giani -, here is the third ordinance that goes towards citizens to simplify their life. In this case, I thank Anci and Cispel for having solicited it. With the councilor Monni we decided that the double bag can help solve an element that became impossible to manage due to the very high number of infections and consequently cope, in emergency conditions, with a functional and efficient waste collection capable of to remove the problems that arose when the Covid collection was separated. We are in an emergency situation – Giani specifies – we must face it with rationality and awareness without this resulting in a burden on the living conditions of citizens and in bureaucratic obstacles “.

The councilor Monni goes into detail: “Given the change in the pandemic situation, which has seen an increase in cases, – explains Monni -, in agreement also with Anci, the area authorities, Cispel and the managers, we have worked a decisive simplification of the system, while fully respecting the indications provided by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the safety of operators, who are equipped with safety devices throughout the waste management cycle. With the new ordinance – adds Monni – the waste will therefore be disposed of undifferentiated and exposed in the manner typical of each territory.
In particular situations in which subjects positive to Covid are deprived of forms of family, friend or social assistance, the managers, according to the methods defined by them, must ensure an adequate collection service. Our goal – he adds – is to return as soon as possible to separate waste collection, which is essential to support the transition towards a circular economy. In this sense, we are promoting this initiative precisely with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. “

Biffoni is also satisfied: “As Anci we have always talked to the Region. And we can only be satisfied because with this third ordinance we are moving towards a better management of a health situation that is changing. I believe it is right to simplify the lives of the many citizens who are facing Covid, with these latest ordinances important steps forward have been made “.

“The business system – concludes Perini – has worked day after day together with the Region for this ordinance, necessary in a difficult moment of the pandemic such as the one we are experiencing, with 45,000 Covid users served only in the last week. The Tuscan waste cycle management companies, like every other sector, have been severely affected by the contagion – at the moment out of 5,000 total employees, about 15% are in quarantine – but they have been able to respond to the emergency by maintaining the collection service, guaranteeing its commitment to citizens and at the same time the safety of its workers “.


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