Cowboys-Eagles: Dallas exceeds Philadelphia in 37-10 beats


During the first few weeks of the season, the Cowboys were like an honest Super-Bowl contest. They started 3-0 and some felt them as a team to drop into the NFC. Prescott was like a big MVP candidate, and the Cowboys seemed to be justifying the big cash contract extensions given by owner Jerry Jones to run Ezekiel Elliott and other players back.

Three losses later, the story was quite big and the Cowboys were making a big impact on the New York jets that were not very hard. It was being discussed whether Jones could fire Jason Garrett into his coach.

By the end of Sunday, everything was good again. The Cowboys joined Tyron Smith and Laelel Collins back in the lineup. Wide receivers of Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb have accepted them as a suspect on the injury report. The Cowboys converted two early turnover at the Eagles into districts and made 14-0 in the first quarter and 27-7 at half time. They never looked back.

Prescott spent a landing pass and interception at night which was passing over 21-for-27, 239 yard. It also ran for striking. Run Elliott for 111 yards and hit town. Cooper had 106 yards. Brett Maher took three field goals, including 63 registrants as time expired in the first half.

“It's awesome,” said Prescott. “It starts with that aggressive line. I love to see what they were doing, how bad they are. It is a great prayer of a man who works together. When Zeke goes on, it's fun to watch. I love bringing it out and seeing it is great. ”

The Eagles fell, 3-4, game behind the Cowboys. It is likely to be a two-team race in the forfeiture division, with third place, New York's Giants at 2-5 and the Washington Redskins residence at 1-6. Doug Pederson, the Eagles Coles met early last week that his team won this game out, then he denied that he made a win guarantee. That was caused by the defense of Cowboys DeMarcus Lawrence to advise Pederson “stop him” and stay on the sidelines. ”

Lawrence had the final word on Sunday after his tail was returned to Carsonback Wentz on sac.

“It's over,” Lawrence told NBC. “I think he got a statement today. So we're going to let him engage in sleeping him. ”

Pederson said at his post-match news conference that he was confident in his team and that he was not regretted that he had expressed that confidence. The performance against the Cowboys should start self-examination by all Eagle players and coaches, said Pederson, and said that it would add to it.

“This is one of that game that I personally accept that position,” said Pederson.

The Eagles are shortened. The list of key players includes injured DeSean Jackson's broad receiver and left them to fight with Jason Peters. But injuries are part of the sport, and no one feels sorry for the Eagles. Pederson and Wentz must do something out.

In the case of Wentz, Nick Foles' safety number has gone. The Eagles relapse to Wentz as their franchise quarters in the season when they approved Foles, the former backup who became a MVP Super Bowl while filling in for the injured Wentz, departing for Jacksonville via a free agency and Wentz signed to four years, Extension contract $ 128 million.

The truth is, however, that the Eagles played their best in the previous two seasons with Foles, not Wentz, in the lineup. If Wentz is to become a fourth revocation of franchises, he must start playing as a head. That was not the case of Sunday, when Wentz lost two mistakes and spent a interception. He spent 191 modest yards and saw it three times.

The Eagles had four turnover altogether, three of which were Cowboys touchdowns. They lost four direct meetings with the Cowboys.

The Cowboys, not the Eagles, are the team to beat in the NFC East as they enter their week. The Cowboys do not play again until the November 4 meeting with the Giants at the Meadowlands in a Monday night game.

“We just have to keep going,” said Prescott. “We need to remove this. This was a fantastic team. But we need to improve this week and we know there is another competition in a fortnight and it's another big game. "

In-game updates

It's ugly: Carson Wentz and the Eagle are still generous. Wentz lost fumble on a mishandling dive. The second round was lost of the night for Wentz. He has also intercepted in a night through turnover. The Eagles have four turnover, three of which resulted in the emergence of Cowboys. Dallas lost in this time with eight courtyards run by Dak Prescott. (Cowboys 37, Eagles 10 with 9:33 left in fourth quarter)

Offsetting interventions: t Carson Wentz spent an interception on Coillte Xavier 'Cowboys'. But Dak Prescott returned the favor by wearing a deep ball intercept with Jalen Mills of Eagles. (Cowboys 30, Eagles 10 with 11:07 left in fourth quarter)

Other FG for Maher: Brett Maher did not want any long-distance field dependence this time. The Dallas kicker connected from 29 yards. (Cowboys 30, Eagles 10 with 12:36 left in the fourth quarter)

The FG Eagles: t Jake Elliott kicker tied to an outdoor goal 38 yard to Philadelphia to draw closer. Elliott's perfect season continues – he did not miss a goal-point or extra point. (Cowboys 27, Eagles 10 with 4:59 remaining in third quarter)

Dallas protects two heads: The Cowboys refused to two important defenders return to this game. The defensive end Robert Quinn is suffering with a rib injury and Leighton Vander, a linear assistant, is suffering with a neck injury.

Half time in Arlington, Tex. The Cowboys are trying to end a strike that shed three games in Doug Pederson's game Coach the Eagle, that his team would win. It is looking much better for the Cowboys so far than for Pederson and the Eagles. The Cowboys are by clicking on offense, generating turnover on protection and going in the kick game. They are in charge of the Eagles, 27-7, at half-time at AT&T Stadium. The Eagles made two early turnover of fountains lost at the end of the Dallas Goedert stronghold and quarterback Carson Wentz. The Cowboys switched to sides of performances by Tavon Austin and Ezekiel Elliott. Dak Prescott wore the fourth back on to a tight end with Blake Jarwin and with fierce Brett Maher some field goals, including 63-yard and the time spent in half. There is only one yard of the NFL record, set by Matt Prater for Denver in 2013, for the longest field goal. Prescott spent 161 yards on the death of the first half of the 20-on-20. Elliott has 65 turbulent and expanded rods. Amari Cooper has adopted 65 yards. Wentz spent a pass pass to Goedert but the next half was unsatisfactory for Eagles in a game that is first in the East of the NFC. The Cowboys also get the ball in the second half. (Cowboys 27, Eagles 7 at half-time)

Dallas taking FG with: Brett Maher's 26-yard field goal has reached 17 points from the Cowboys'. The kick was established with a 44-yard strike from Dak Prescott to Amari Cooper's wide receiver. (Cowboys 24, Eagles 7 with 1:31 left in second quarter)

Cowboys adds lead: Dallas has a stake in gear. The Cowboys renovated their opinion to 14 points with a pass-end end from the Prescott Dak to the firm end of Blake Jarwin. Prescott rolled on the right and Jarwin got out in the final zone, and the Eagles seemed to focus on stopping the run. The Cowboys changed the fourth and one midfield earlier on the drive and passed from Prescott to Ezekiel Elliott. A demonstrable holding by Amari Cooper was rejected when he was called for offensive interference and Tyron Smith left to fight him; the Eagles refused the penalties for interference and accepted the holding. But the Cowboys were not rejected. (Cowboys 21, Eagles 7 with 6:40 left in second quarter)

Eagles bounce back: The first quarter was excellent at AT&T Stadium. Eagles are bouncing back with a 28-yard landing pass from Carson Wentz to the end of Dallas Goedert's stronghold. He blocked an 87-yard drive with the help of two personal fouls called Cowboys, one for a rough human violation of an incomplete. Wentz and Goedert succeeded the town after each of them lost their first two holdings of the game at Philadelphia, leaving two Cowboys ends. (Cowboys 14, Eagles 7 with 4:38 left in the first quarter)

Two Eagle Forces, two Cowboys TDs: The victory is not “guaranteed” by Eagles Coach Doug Pederson is looking too good to date. The Eagles lost two springs from which two Cowboys came. Ezekiel Elliott scored a one yard race for Dallas after the Cowboys recovered at Eagback quarterback Carson Wentz was sacked by DeMarcus Lawrence. It appeared that Elliott was scoring on the 14th yard which had previously been held in the yard but had been rejected at the 1-yard line for an immediate relay review. Lawrence, on his bag, found Philadelphia right to fight with Lane Johnson and set the football from Wentz's hand. Lawrence, remember, issued the public warning that Pederson would stay on the sidelines (where else would he?) After the coach said early last week that the Eagles would remove this game, then he denied that he made a guarantee victory. (Cowboys 14, Eagles 0 with 8:56 remaining in the first quarter)

Money on hand by Cowboys: The Cowboys are the early commanders of the Eagles, entering a handful of lost at the firm end of Philadelphia Dallas Goedert. The Cowboys took possession of the Philadelphia 45 yard line and scored them on 20 yards run by Tavon Austin. (Cowboys 7, Eagles 0 to 10:08 left in the first quarter)


The NFC East has undergone a complete recession, led by Dallas Eagles Cowboys and Philadelphia. They started the season like legitimate contestants Super Bowl. Instead, .500 are teams entering a Sunday night show in Arlington, Tex. For the first place in the surprising section.

The winner will, at least, emerge to feel better about himself and his expectations that things will return in the right direction.

The urgency is very high for the Cowboys, since they are playing at home and they are on a lost strap through a game that continued their 3-0 start to the season. For three games, Dak Prescott's fourth quarter looked at one of the MVP finals and appeared to have justified the Cowboys with the big cash contract extensions given by owner Jerry Jones to Ezekiel Elliott and other players run back. Only a few weeks later, the story is quite big, and the Cowboys are already making a big impact on the New York jets that were unsuccessful.

Things have been adversely affected by a debate on whether Jones would fire Jason Garrett on his coach for the loss of the Cowboys of Eagles. It is unlikely that it would happen, as Jones only dismissed one coach – Wade Phillips – during a season. But the fact is that it is a matter of public conversation telling. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer added the surprise when he said in a radio interview he would be “totally” interested if the Cowboys were calling after the season.


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