Crazy Rich RI Crowded Caplok Hospital, Looking for Cuan?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The strategic move of the Emtek Group belonging to the Sariaatmadja Family through PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (SAME) which plans to take 66% of the shares of the hospital manager, Grha Kedoya Hospital, PT Kedoya Adyaraya Tbk (RSGK), has attracted investors’ attention.

In fact, Emtek started this plan on September 9 last week by buying 167,340,000 shares or 18% shares of RSGK at a price of Rp 1,720/share worth Rp 287.82 billion.

Emtek or PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk (EMTK) led by Eddy Kusnadi Sariaatmadja already has SAME which manages Omnis Hospitals.

“Purchase price at Rp 1,720, transaction date September 9, 2021, direct share ownership status,” said Jusup Halimi, President Director of SAME and Armen Antonius Djan, Director of SAME, in an information disclosure on the IDX, Monday (13/9/2021).

Previously, SAME already held 4,511,000 shares or 0.49% of SRGK’s shares, so with the purchase, the share portion would be 171,851,000 shares or 18.49%.

Sariaatmadja’s plan to re-enter the hospital business further adds to the list of Indonesia’s crazy rich who also see financial prospects in the sector.

For example, there is the Riady Family, owner of the Lippo Business Group with Siloam Hospital under the Lippo Group, namely PT Siloam International hospital Tbk (SILO).

Next, there is Dato’ Sri Tahir, owner of the listed company managing Mayapada Hospital, PT Sejahteraraya Anugrahjaya Tbk (SRAJ). There is also an issuer managing the Mitra Keluarga Hospital owned by the founder of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) Boenjamin Setiawan, PT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat Tbk (MIKA).

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In addition, the investment issuer founded by Edwin Soeryadjaya and Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno, PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk (SRTG) also has a hospital portfolio, namely the Primaya Hospital network. Primaya Hospital itself is under Awal Bros Group Hospital which is owned by entrepreneur Arfan Awaloeddin.

As for Sariaatmadja, they bought Omni Hospital and have consolidated with the previous Emtek group hospital, namely EMC (Elang Medika Corpora).

Previously on November 30, 2020, EMTK annexed 71.88% of SAME’s shares. The Emtek Group bought 4.24 billion shares of the issuer for Rp137 per share and a total of Rp 581.01 billion.

On the other hand, the Kedoya Adyaraya that Emtek will buy is a hospital management company controlled by Hungkang Sutedja, son of tycoon The Ning King.

So who is the issuer of the asset hospital okay?


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