Create and express your art with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Creation is born from inspiration, and to have it we need tools that give us the power to imagine and help us to materialize our ideas to turn them into masterpieces. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 + is not only an ideal tool for creating paintings and conventional art, but also for capturing designs and incredible works of art within the world of fashion.

The Galaxy Tab S7 series features one of the largest screens on a Samsung tablet, offering a more immersive viewing experience; an S Pen that works like a magic brush that lets you draw and write fluidly and accurately; a powerful processor that achieves 25% faster speed and performance that lasts for hours thanks to its 8,000 mAh battery in the Tab S7 and 10,090 mAh in the Tab S7 +.

If you are a designer, artist or you are studying an artistic profession, these recommendations may interest you, since you will have in your hands the latest technology in tablets and with it you will only need to let your mind fly:

A modern canvas

The Tab S7 | S7 + will become your canvas, there you can capture all the designs and details of your creations. Incorporating slim bezels in both versions, the screens offer you an immersive and cinematic viewing experience – they are 11 inches for the Tab S7 and 12.4 inches for the Tab S7 + – with the 16:10 aspect ratio on the screen. . Plus, the screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz makes scrolling smoother, allowing you to view your designs and navigate between your documents, inspirations, and other applications more easily and responsively.

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A magic brush

Now with the renewed S Pen you can have a more comfortable and solid grip in your hand and in the Tab S7 + you can have more precise strokes, lines and all the composition thanks to the reduced latency of 9ms, which means that it is a drawing or a text you are writing, you will feel as if you were holding a real pen with a writing on paper. In addition, with this tool you can choose the type of stroke, thickness, effects and colors you want to apply and so that you do not lose it, this tool is magnetically attached to your Tablet.

Tools that boost creativity

So that you can take full advantage of the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S7 +, Samsung has worked closely with brands and developers to make popular applications effortlessly integrate with these devices, giving you a tablet experience that goes beyond that. The Clip Studio Paint application is already pre-installed and the first Android version of the application is free for 6 months.

Another well-known platform that is also present in the Tab S7 | S7 + is Canva, an application that makes it possible to easily illustrate with hundreds of pre-designed templates or to create your own with the intuitive editor – you can create everything from marketing materials to social media posts in one place. All Tab S7 Users | S7 + have the application version ‘Canva’ for free, and the version ‘Canva Pro’ can be enjoyed for 30 days free (an additional cost will be charged after the trial period).


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