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But if there were abnormalities … – Jan Frodeno

Tokyo is not only tight, but also hot. Citizens of this city avoid longer walks in the summer, because there is not much to see, rather to sweat and to suffer between densely packed street canyons at 35 degrees. You entrench yourself in the air-conditioned office and only dare on the sidewalks at night. What applies to normal people does not apply to athletes – they are programmatically creatures of agony and self-mortification. This was particularly impressive in September at the World Athletics Championships in the desert state of Qatar: runners in wheelchairs, with infusions in their arms or just completely exhausted on the street. The US American Roberta Groner, sixth best time in the marathon, described the ordeal as "the most brutal experience" of her life. In tears, she greeted her sons in front of the camera, to whom she wanted to show that everything was possible with hard work.

A scenario that should not be repeated at the Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) plans because of the feared heat to relocate several endurance athletics competitions in more than 800 kilometers away Sapporo. There it is usually five to six degrees cooler. "The health and well-being of athletes is always at the center of our interest," said IOC President Thomas Bach: "The new far-reaching proposals to relocate marathon and goer competitions show how seriously we take our worries."

Some skepticism about the immense endurance achievements in the top sport expressed in the interview with the South German newspaper from Thursday Dan Lorang, trainer of the German Ironman World Champion Anne Haug and Jan Frodeno as well as the cycling-hope-bearer Emanuel Buchmann. Doping remains a big issue in milieus, where the superman is still something. For example, those who swim 3.86 kilometers, then cycle 180.2 kilometers and eventually walk 42.195 kilometers must first stop smoking. Withdrawal is permitted in elite sports, the dependence on certain substances falls under deception and betrayal. "I absolutely trust my athlete – but if there were abnormalities, I would act accordingly," Lorang said, adding, "I would even go so far as to sue the athlete," Lorang, his protégé, said last weekend Hawaii secured the title at the Ironman World Cup.

Now, if you think about whether the torments of an Ironman competition would be even more to increase, you land back in Qatar, where for migrant workers in all drudgery as good as nothing is possible. The country is apartheid – while native Qatari and highly qualified Europeans hold the well-paid state jobs, Nepalese, Pakistanis and Indians are being exploited under catastrophic conditions. 230,000 locals receive around 1.6 million practically enslaved guest workers. Circumstances of which, for example, the Essen-based construction company Hochtief tacitly benefits. However, there is constant pressure on the Emirate, and because the monarchy refuses to let the major sporting event go, laws have been launched to "improve working conditions." In addition to "improvements in the area of ​​the minimum wage" and the "change of job" is also a "bill on the abolition of exit permits" in work, assured Labor Minister Jusuf Mohammed Al-Othman Fakhro, according to the French news agency AFP from Thursday. With regard to health insurance, occupational safety and decent housing, the sheikdom continues to be covered.

Meanwhile, FC St. Pauli and ice cream maker Ben and Jerry's have launched the "Melting Pott" variety, whose consumption is said to support initiatives for solidarity, equality and diversity. That sounds like this: "All together for a society in which no human is illegal and every species is welcome. A Melting pot just. We at Ben and Jerry's and FC St Pauli believe in a better, more colorful world. "Ben and Jerry's has been part of Unilever since 2000. This group is criticized for, among other things, cartelization in Europe, primary deforestation in Côte d'Ivoire, mercury contamination in India and exploitation of agricultural workers throughout Africa.


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