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Credit unions from Romay, here is the new board of directors: all the names

He was born Thursday morning The assembly of the members of the Romagnolo Credit Cooperative in the presence of the Notary Marco Maltoni in his function as Designated Representative, in the President Valter Baraghini, and in the General Manager Giancarlo Petrini and in the whole Management of the CCR, for the presentation of the items on the agenda and the result of the votes not in 469 Participating Members by proxy to the Notary.

The two most important issues were the approval of the 2021 Financial Statements and the renewal of corporate offices. The budget was approved by a large majority with 424 votes in favor and only 7 against. The broad consensus is also confirmed for the list of candidates for the Board of Directors, the Council of Legislative Auditors and the Board of Referees, all elected with more than 400 votes.

For Board of Directors to lead the Bank in the next three years will be: Luciano Abbondanza, Stefano Bernacci, Luca Bettini, Romeo Dell’Amore, Anna Grazia Giannini, Graziano Gozi, Roberto Romagnoli, Monica Turroni, Adamo Zoffoli. Among those names will be the new Chairman of the Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo, who will be appointed on the occasion of the first meeting of the Board of Directors to be convened in the coming days, which should be Tuesday. Eligible candidates include Adamo Zoffoli and Stefano Bernacci.

For the Council of Digital Auditors, the elected names are: Luca Lorenzi, as President, Ester Castagnoli and Isabella Landi as standing auditors and Silvia Cecchini and Aldo Ferretti as alternates. Regarding the Arbitration Colleges, Mirco Coriaci was elected as President, Stefano Pollice and Arturo Alberti as effective, Roberto Pinza and Silvia Montanari as substitutes.

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At the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Chairman of the Bank, Valter Baraghini, at the end of his term, greeted and thanked everyone, Directors, Auditors and Managers, for the work done in recent years, addressing the new corporate body. yo. , management and all employees sincere and warm wishes of the bank for good work.

President Valter Baraghini took his leave as follows: “At the end of my term, I will be chairing my last meeting as President, a role I have held since 2007, after my first year as Director; I am confident that I will leave a bank with its accounts in order, able to face the future with optimism and good prospects, despite attempts in recent weeks to undermine its reputation “.

However, these are the words of the Director Giancarlo Petrini: “Also for the signatories is the last meeting of the Shareholders as General Manager, but it is not time to remember because there is a lot of work to be done. As already mentioned by the President, the data for 2021 and the results achieved during the 6 years of activity of Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo have already been greatly illustrated. Just to mention the most important, in 2021 the volume of the Bank grew by 10%, in particular regarding the management of customer savings, confirming the confidence placed in us; The operating margin exceeded 10 million euros (last year it was 7.6 million) almost entirely intended, due to the prudent choice of the Board of Directors, for the progressive protection of credit risk “.

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On the Cover Market: “Finally, the Cover Market has been recalled several times, a structure that has collapsed and returned to the city; it probably does not meet the expectations that everyone expected, but it remains a popular place for shopping. activities on the floor and for the municipal offices on the first floor, all used a convenient parking. I believe that these are already positive aspects, compared to the ruin that many people remember. a decisive impact on the numbers of the CCR, I noticed how this represents less than 1% of the loan portfolio, which confirms the spread of high risk ”.

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