Crew of warships of the US Navy infected with coronavirus

Washington, United States.

At least 18 sailors they tested positive for coronavirus in a navy warship of USA, the second affected after the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, whose captain was fired after being accused of leaking his request for help to the press.

The new outbreak, in the destroyer USS Kidd, which was patrolling Caribbean and Pacific waters on an anti-narcotics mission, was detected after a sailor presented symptoms associated with the disease, so he had to be evacuated Thursday to San Antonio, Texas (USA), where he was tested for coronavirus and it tested positive, according to a statement from the Navy, quoted by local media.

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This Friday a medical team was sent to the boat, where tests of coronavirus the rest of the crew, which allowed verifying that 17 more sailors are infected.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the occupants of the ship “are preparing to return to the port,” where the cleanup will take place.

The Navy said tests are ongoing and “additional cases” are expected at this unit, which is based at the port of Everett, in Washington state.

Contagions in the US Navy

This is the second episode of the pandemic involving the Navy, after the emergency on the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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A sailor of that aircraft carrier He died last April 13 of the disease, after having been evacuated last March 30 from the place along with four other crew members who were isolated at the Naval base in the US territory of Guam.

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Upon arrival in Guam, the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Brett Crozier, was removed from office after writing a letter to his superiors, leaked to the media, warning that he needed decisive action to save lives. of the 4,865 crew members, of whom more than a hundred had tested positive so far for coronavirus.

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The dismissal of the captain led to the acting US Secretary of the Army, Thomas Modly, resigning on April 5 after the controversy caused by the departure of Crozier.

The New York Times reported Friday that senior Navy officials recommended that Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper reinstate Crozier.

According to the newspaper, Esper, who received the recommendation from the chief of naval operations, Admiral Michael M. Gilday, and the acting secretary of the Navy, James McPherson, asked for more time to evaluate that possibility.

According to the New York newspaper, the reincorporation of the captain would mean a surprising change of course in this case.


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