Criminals copy the NRW Ministry of Economics website

Emergency Aid Fraud

In connection with the emergency aid, fraudsters have set up many fake sites to tap the financial aid.

(Photo: dpa)

Dusseldorf There has been another fraud case related to Corona Emergency Aid. As reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, criminals have copied the website of the NRW Ministry of Economics in order to get the data from companies seeking help. The fraudsters wanted to redirect the money to their own bank account. This emerges from research by NDR, WDR and Süddeutscher Zeitung. Representatives of the NRW Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have confirmed this.

The research reveals that last Wednesday, April 8, the fake page was registered, which also contains an application form for Corona emergency aid. The website server is located in the United States and the operators are hidden behind a concealment service from Panama.

The fake page looks so real that even for experts, the fake was not recognizable at first glance. Investigators in the Cybercrime Competence Center of the State Criminal Police Office are now concerned with removing the fake side from the net. The real site was temporarily shut down on Thursday due to earlier attempts to defraud, but should soon start again.

More: At least 3,500 applicants have been drawn to the wrong website by criminals. The authorities’ response lasted almost a week.


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