Cristiano Ronaldo and Italy’s sports minister accused of lying

The official points out that the footballer had violated health rules after testing positive for covid-19.

Cristiano Ronaldo became involved in a public dispute with Italy’s sports minister on Friday, in which both were accused of lying, without naming each other.

This regarding whether the footballer had violated health rules after testing positive for covid-19.

Vincenzo Spadafora said on Thursday that the Juventus forward could have broken the rules by flying back to Italy from the Portugal national team camp after testing positive for the virus earlier this week.

But Ronaldo responded on Friday in Instagram, saying that he had done everything by the rules.

“A gentleman here in Italy, whose name I will not mention, said that I did not obey the protocol, that is a lie,” said Ronaldo.

“I followed all the protocols and I will continue to comply with them, my conscience is clear (…) Everything I did was authorized,” he said.

Ronaldo, 35, tested positive for covid-19 on Tuesday while he was with his selection and flew back in a private jet the next day.

“They said I violated Italian law, and this and that … all are lies, I did everything correctly,” he explained.

Spadafora responded in an interview with the Italian news agency Ansa.

“The fame and ability of certain players does not give them the right to be arrogant, disrespectful to institutions and lie,” he said.

“On the contrary, the more known you are, the more you should feel the responsibility to think before speaking and setting a good example,” he added.

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