Cristiano Ronaldo, positive for Covid-19, responds to critics: “This gentleman is telling a lie”

Cristiano Ronaldo, currently in quarantine in Italy after testing positive for coronavirus in Portugal, said on Friday that he had not “broken any health protocol”, in response to statements Thursday from the Italian Minister of Sports.

“I am in compulsory quarantine, (…) respecting the laws, the rules, the protocols and I have not violated any protocol”, said the Portuguese star of Juventus, in a live video on Instagram.

CR7 claims to have “done everything well” by organizing its return to Italy with an “ambulance plane”, ambulances and avoiding all contact, “all this with clearances”.

“A gentleman whose name I will not say, here in Italy, (…) said that I did not respect the protocol, it is simply a lie. I have respected and I will respect all the protocols”, insisted the player.

Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora estimated Thursday that Ronaldo could have broken health rules, in response to a question relating both to the player’s return to Turin but also to his departure for Portugal, ten days earlier, while Juve were in solitary confinement.

The local health authorities in Turin have indeed taken justice last week after the departure of the Portuguese star and other international club bianconero to join their respective selections. The players were then subjected to an isolation procedure in the hotel of Juve after two positive tests at the club.

Those concerned are exposed to a fine, but also to possible sporting sanctions.

The talent of some players does not allow them to be arrogant

Minister Spadafora also confirmed on Friday to the Italian agency Ansa that his remarks focused on the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Turin more than on his return.

“The notoriety and talent of some players does not allow them to be arrogant, disrespectful towards institutions and to lie”, the minister tackled, specifying that he would no longer “speak” of the subject from now on and that he wished a “speedy recovery to all (sports) positive”.

“I am continuing my quarantine, I am alone, my family is on another floor, we cannot have contact and it will be like that at least for the next ten days”, described on Instagram Ronaldo, claiming not to have the “slightest symptom”.

He is already forfeited for the next two matches of the Bianconeri, Saturday against Crotone in Serie A then Tuesday against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League.

The question that torments the supporters of Juve is above all whether the five-time Ballon d’Or will be delivered in time for the Champions League clash against Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona on October 28.

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