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Criticism of Well-done because of silly face masks

Tuesday was the first episode of the new season of Well done to see. The talk program of All of Holland bakes received quite a bit of criticism for the corona measures taken.

Especially the mouth mask of presenter André van Duin, a piece of plexiglass on a stick, raised eyebrows among the viewers. Now that the corona virus has gripped the entire world and has squeezed the Netherlands into a lockdown, every deviating fact is apparently a reason to let go.


Strange you would say, because viewers of Heel Holland bakes should already be used to the masks. The recordings of the baking program were in fact last summer and André, Robert and Janny were already walking around with the shields.


It was also a strange sight for some to see an audience on a television program. So the new normal still seems far from used. To the first episode of Well done 720,000 people watched, according to Stichting KijkOnderzoek.


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