Crying Room | Come on .. cry quietly; Spain prepares ‘special rooms for crying’

It is never a mistake to go through depression and cry at some point in life. Yet many people still carry on with such things in secret, eventually leading to depression and even suicide. There is still a misconception in society that crying and showing grief is something bad. There is no doubt that depression is a condition that needs to be treated properly.

Many countries around the world are now taking the mental health of their citizens very seriously. They also implement a number of excellent schemes to help their citizens. Now Spain has implemented a new concept that sets an example for other countries.

A new space has now opened up in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The arch on the entrance to the building reads ‘Enter and cry’. As you climb inside, you will see another pink notification for visitors: ‘I’m worried too’. In one corner there is information and numbers of people you can call when you are in trouble, including psychologists, and phones to contact them right away.

Located in a building in central Madrid, this place can be accessed by anyone – La Lloreria or the ‘Crying Room’. It serves as a place for the public to weep and seek help, as well as to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health in society. ” It’s a great idea to portray / visualize the mental health problem in this way. Crying in Spain is as disgraceful as in many other countries, “said John Nelsom, a Swedish student living in the Spanish capital.

Last week, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a special 100 100 million ($ 116 million) mental health drive. It also includes services such as a 24-hour suicide helpline. “It simply came to our notice then. This is a public health issue, so it’s something we need to talk about, “said Pedro Sanchez, referring to mental health issues as the project begins on October 10, World Mental Health Day.

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As of 2019, there were 3,671 suicides in Spain. In other words, suicide is the second leading cause of death in the country after natural causes. According to government figures, one in ten teenagers is diagnosed with a mental illness. At the same time, the report states that 5.8% of the population suffers from anxiety.


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