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Cryptocurrency Terra (Luna) fell from US $ 116 to a cent

It’s almost the end. La Cryptocurrency moon, in the foundation Earth, will die this Thursday by falling in value 0.01 dollars, a cent, then more than a month it was worth 116.

In case The moon would pass as one of many failures in the market of cryptocurrency, but its importance was so great that it was among the top 10 currencies with the largest capitalization in the world, so its abrupt collapse caused chaos in the community, and the sad case of those who lost all their savings.

Last goodbye to Luna?

We have already explained in an article why Cryptocurrency moon, of the protocol Earth, entered an acute crisis and was due to the creation of a stable currency called Terra USD (UST) and its governance holds on to it.

the market decline pushed The moon falling in value, generating inflation in the pair UST. Also, the foundation Earth also held bitcoin reserves to maintain the 1: 1 tie in there UST and US dollars, and say cryptocurrency on the downside, chaos gripped the system.

Some argue that millionaire partners have started playing against The moon take millions of dollars of money and aggravate the problem. Beyond that theory, the reality is chronic: out of being worth $ 116 at its peak in April, this Thursday it is trading at a penny.

Social assistance in the midst of chaos

Forums and communities have seen how chaos has taken over the internet. Hundreds of users shared their experiences of investing in mortgages, loans or savings in this project and how they disappeared.

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Unfortunately, there were reports of thread posts Reddit y Twitter where investors claimed to be on the verge of suicide in their loss of money. Because of this, the comments and the Reddit they began to emphasize the number of social workers and mental health professionals to avoid such tragedies.

The rest of the market is falling, but with an average value of 10%. This is not the first time this has happened and some people have taken advantage of this fall to add money, expect their value to grow in a matter of minutes or hours, and withdraw with quick profits.

It is important to remember two keys to the investment process cryptocurrency: it’s all about the projects behind the coins we buy and never risk money we don’t want to lose.

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