Csáková came up cruelly: How does she “grind” out of it now?

“Facebook always asks me when I want to tell you something that is going through my head. So I’ll tell you, Facebook. First of all, I won’t let skewers poke my head in the area of ​​testing, because those who order it follow the scenario Billa Gatese and the WHO, and secondly, no one will fight any vaccine against me or my children, which is counterproductive. You who have your eyes open, you know. You must not be afraid to protect your children, your health, your lives, “she said on the social network.

Ilona Csáková: I am happily married and I go for fun with women!

But according to the weekly Sedmička, she recently found herself before an exam that tested the strength of her words in practice. The upcoming translated finale of The Man of 2020 is a pleasant job prospect for several artists, who will have a chance to perform again. Including Ilona. However, a negative test for coronavirus is a condition. And let the singer be honored that she really rejected the classic one! However, she did not give up acting in the competition. She allegedly agreed to have the test performed at her own expense. However, it will be made from her blood, not a smear from her nasal mucosa.

Csáková violated the ban! What did she bring to Gott?


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