Csáková is already in it! What did Gott pull out of her?

The wife of the deceased Golden Nightingale does not comment on the address of his first-born daughter. But Dominica is the exact opposite. According to the said website, she newly sent a statement to the media, in which she attacked Ivana again. But this time a slight detour. According to Dominika, the widow turned her friend Ilona Csákové something like a mediator.

Ilona Csáková: I am happily married and I go for fun with women!

Manual of exemplary behavior

Dominika was to say that she had received a message from the singer with instructions on how to behave and honor her father’s legacy. “Despite the singer Ilona Csáková, for example, she told me that she wanted to help me financially and professionally, but on the condition that I stop communicating with several people around me – my close friends who help me immensely and without whom I would have fallen.” a statement that came to the editorial board of Expres from Dominičina’s e-mail. Gott she added that she refused to accede to her stepmother’s alleged invitation and, on the contrary, intends to write another book about her family.

Csáková in shock

The editorial staff also found out how things are for the singer herself. “I resolutely deny Dominika Gottová’s statement, it is a blatant lie, we have never been in contact with each other,” Csáková said about the event. Isn’t it a bit of a psychiatrist on the part of Gott’s eldest daughter? Or is she really right?

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