Cucut de Torroella did not celebrate the Literary Snack before Sant Jordi this year

The bookstore El Cucut de Torroella de Montgrí has ​​decided suspend its traditional Literary Snack until next year. The snack, one of the most important cultural events in the Empordà before Sant Jordi, had to celebrate its tenth edition on Thursday 9thApril, an appointment that will finally move to 2021.

The Literary Snack is a space for meeting, relaxed and friendly, between authors, translators, illustrators, publishers, readers, who seeks complicity and direct contact between those who write and those who read. The aim of El Cucut Bookshop is to claim bookshops as a natural meeting place for authors and their readers, and to encourage reading.

“This year the El Cucut Bookstore was preparing with special excitement, but as the event is very closely linked to the chosen day, Holy Thursday, it has been ruled out looking for another date within the year 2020. Therefore the Tenth Literary Snack will be celebrated (if nothing prevents it) by 2021, “assures the establishment.


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