Cult Nxivm: Allison Mack had “a lot of power and control”

India Oxenberg, who had been recruited into the Nxivm sect by Allison Mack, confided in this painful experience in a new interview given to the magazine “People”.

While Allison Mack still awaits her sentence for her involvement in the Nxivm cult – the ex-star of “Smallville”, who was arrested in 2018 for sex trafficking and forced labor, had finally negotiated a deal by pleading guilty in 2019 extortion and criminal association – one of his former victims delivers edifying new testimony in the press.

Within Nxivm, Allison Mack had recruited several women, sex slaves, of which she controlled the smallest actions to serve the interests of the guru of the organization, Keith Raniere (60). Among her was India Oxenberg, daughter of “Dynasty” actress Catherine Oxenberg. In 2017, it was the latter who made a desperate appeal in the media to try to reconnect with her daughter, then deeply involved in the sect.

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In a new interview given to the magazine “People”, India Oxenberg returned to this dark period of her life. “I knew too much. I had a moral duty to reveal what happened, so that it never happens to anyone again, ”she explained. Alongside her mother, the 29-year-old revealed that she had spent the past two years undergoing therapy to rebuild herself and “deprogram” herself from the influence of the sect. “My life has been hijacked by this group,” she said.

India Oxenberg then explained how she fell into Nxivm’s clutches and how Allison Mack, who recruited her in January 2015, managed to isolate her to control her life and recruit her to become one of Keith’s sex slaves. Raniere. “Allison said she had a program that she thought could help me. I felt so alone. All of a sudden, I felt special. (…) One of the first orders I received was to seduce Keith. Allison said it would make me less vulnerable, ”she added.

In addition, Allison Mack prohibited his recruits to eat “more than 500 calories per day”, an instruction engaged to satisfy Keith Raniere who preferred emaciated slaves. Women were also regularly sleep deprived. “The lack of food and sleep made it difficult for us to think critically and independently. We end up getting used to this environment of abuse and we think we deserve it, that it’s good for us. I didn’t want to see this as sexual abuse. I feel shame and embarrassment about what happened, but I also have forgiveness for myself. Women who experience this kind of abuse do strange things to trick their minds into accepting them, ”India explained.

Since his arrest two and a half years ago, Keith Raniere has been sleeping behind bars. His sentence will be handed down on October 27, but prosecutors asked in August that he be sentenced to life in prison. As for Allison Mack, no sentencing date has yet been announced. “Allison had a lot of power and control over me, I was always trying to serve her. (…) But she can no longer hurt me, ”concluded India Oxenberg.

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