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Cultural recommendations for children by Roberto Santiago, the author of ‘Los Futbolsimos’

by drbyos

The popular author chooses albums, books, series and films for his young readers.

‘treasure island’ by robert louis stevenson

I know it’s saying a lot, butThe island of the treasureRobert Louis Stevenson’s maybe the best novel ever written. It has everything a good story should have: unforgettable characters, a singular view of the world, capacity for transformation and, above all, something that any good book should have, that urgent need to go to the next page, that feeling that everything you have read before and after ends at that precise moment. If it were published today, it would be in a youth literature collection. Of course, I reread it every two or three years.

Robert Louis Stevenson.
Robert Louis Stevenson.

In addition, here is a poker of recommendations for much more recent children’s / youth novels written by Spanish authors:UnknownDavid Lozano (I call it dearly Mystery in the Burguer);Dusk in the parksof ngela Armero (adventures and emotionality of the good in abundance); the collectionPrincesses and dragonsPedro Maas (or how to reinvent a whole genre); YThe eleven lives of Uria-ha(what a piece of title and novel, what envy!) by Patricia Garca Rojo.

Lil Xan.
Lil Xan.

‘betrayed’ by lil xan

Let me get a little thug, my first recommendation is two rappers:Lil xanespecially hisBetrayed, and C. Tangana, any of the songs of this Spanish rapperit’s a barbarity.I still have young talented homelands, it is worth a painmainstreamand they leave a television contest: Aitana and Ana Guerra; kill me butThe badI love it, I wish we would have dared to send these two lionesses to that crazy cage that is Eurovisin. In case there is still a clueless person in the room, yes, they areOperation Triunfo, glups. For nostalgists, my all-time favorite song:Somewhere over the Rainbow,be it in its original version sung by Judy Garland, or even better in the Hawaiian version of Israel Iz (impossible not to throw a tear). And to end a tribute to the old rockers of all time:The rock of a summer nightof the fireproofMiguel Ros, for any age. In memory of that mythical concert in the summer of 83 in the Rayo Vallecano field.

Image from 'Chihiro's Journey'.
Image from ‘Chihiro’s Journey’.

‘the journey of chihiro’, by Hayao Miyazaki

At eight years old, my favorite movie wasThe Wizard of Oz,(Victor Fleming, 1939) – I was scared and fascinated at the same time. At eleven,Encounters in the third phase(Steven Spielberg, 1977) -I wanted to be one of the chosen ones and get on the ship, I still dream about the five notes of that melody-. At thirteen,Only in the face of danger(Fred Zinnemann, 1952) – I saw her over and over again on the VHS video from my parents’ house and imagined myself challenging the bullies at my school, reincarnated as a kind of Gary Cooper from high school. And at 15, of course he stole my heart foreverEvasion or victory(John Huston, 1981). Football, Nazis, Pel, Ardiles, Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone … If anyone hasn’t seen this movie yet, please run right now and find it, absolute masterpiece of great director John Huston. Regardless, if I could only recommend a youth movie during this confinement, I would say without hesitationChihiro’s journey(Hayao Miyazaki, 2001).Extraordinary Japanese animation,spirits, romance, anime of the good, an Oscar, a Golden Bear, and a marvel that shows how much cinema can innovate in the 21st century.

A moment from 'The Ministry of Time'.
A moment from ‘The Ministry of Time’.

‘the ministry of time’, by the olive brothers

To get started,The ministry of time, one of the best Spanish series ever written, filmed and performed.It has broken many tapesIt has made us travel, learn some history and dream of changing (for the better) the world. Bravo for the Olivares brothers, daring to create such a series is daring, getting it done is a heroic act. Oh, and the first three seasons are available for free on TVE’s A la Carta. Other recommendations:A series of catastrophic misfortunes, which adapts the Lemony Snicket books, and combines dark humor, adventure and just the right amount of drama. Very entertaining. One of my favorites, and a great unknown:Black sails(This is not for the little ones); a corsair of pure stock, Captain Flint, challenges the English empire and has to overcome one and a thousand misadventures. Like the pirates of the Caribbean, but much more authentic. And lastly: If someone is encouraged,The good placeIt is one of the best comedies of recent years, white humor + unforgettable characters + reflection on goodness and the human condition.

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