Curfew and Prohibition at Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Barranquilla

After analyzing the most recent epidemiological scenario and the different health indicators, together with the government team, the Mayor Jaime Pumarejo, decided to enact new measures of public order in the Christmas and end of the year celebrations.

Based on the premise of safeguarding the life and well-being of citizens, through Decree number 0814 of 2020 established the curfew and dry law for the three traditional festivities of the end of the year that are coming.

“According to what the studies of epidemiologist experts show, we know that as the night progresses there is more alcohol consumption and that is when the biosafety protocols at home begin to become more flexible, which, remember, it is where people are most contagious”, Assured the district president.

Similarly, the mayor addressed the Barranquilleros to express that despite the new restrictions, it is well known that in homes, families are the ones who decide how to take care of themselves and what measures to take to avoid getting the virus.

“In your house, in your home, you decide. The most important measure is not taken by me nor by the president, but depends on each one of us, because we cannot enter their homes and make other people’s decisions. We insist: avoid family gatherings without biosecurity measures. This is not the time to celebrate with the people who do not live together, but with our family nucleus throughout the year, of a maximum of 10 people, ”added Pumarejo.

The president also assured that from the Mayor’s Office work will continue on two fronts: health care and public order.

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“With a robust hospital system, we have the ICUs ready to receive the possible cases that require it, in addition to the operations and patrols for the control and surveillance of the consumption of liquor in public spaces and other scenarios that may involve crowds”, He specified.


Article 3 of the decree issued by the mayor specifies the exceptions to the curfew, including workers from certain sectors of the economy, who must be fully identified; marketing of products and services at home and reasons of force majeure or emergency, among others.


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