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Curiosity rover photographs Martian clouds

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Image: NASA/Caltech

We all get an idea of ​​what it’s like the surface of mars: an ocher, arid and rocky landscape. But have you ever seen what they look like its clouds? GThanks to the Curiosity rover, you will know.

A few days ago, NASA shared a series of images of the Martian sky that his Curiosity rover had been able to obtain at the end of last year.

“Clouds can be seen floating across the Martian sky in this 8-frame video made from images taken by one of the navigation cameras aboard NASA’s Curiosity rover. You can see how the shadows of these clouds float on the ground,” he explained. NASA statement.

Image: NASA/Caltech/Giphy

In addition to being an impressive sight, these images have allowed NASA scientists to make some inquiries. According to the researchers, these clouds were floating approximately 80 kilometers away. Since temperatures drop noticeably at that altitude, this allowed them to conclude that the clouds were composed of carbon dioxide ice rather than water ice, as is often the case at lower altitudes.

Clouds passing just above Curiosity.
Image: NASA/Caltech/Giphy

According to scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it was not an easy task to get these images, since the cameras of the Curiosity rover have been designed to analyze the ground of Mars, not its sky.

“Martian clouds are very thin in the atmosphere, so techniques are needed specials of image to see them”, explained the Jet Propulsion Laboratory it’s a statement. “It is necessary drink several images to be able to obtain a static and clear background. Its Tor allows anything else that moves within the image, such as clouds or shadows, to become visible after subtracting that static background to each individual image.

The Curiosity rover is already treated of our longest-lived rover on the surface of Mars and hopefully it will be able to continue taking incredible images like these for many more years.

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