Curious about how to make cool videos on your cellphone? This is the way, Jakarta Pandemic is not an obstacle for someone who wants to be creative and creative. On the plus side, the pandemic has created many opportunities and new hobbies. Starting from cooking, fish farming, plants to becoming a vlogger.

Yep, who today doesn’t want to be a vlogger. Can mengepresikan something you like and get a large enough coffers. You too can become content creator if you want. Here are tips that you can do as a vlogger while on the move at home.

Create a concept

When you decide that you want to become a vlogger, all you need to do is create the vlog concept itself. Make it a simple but unique concept. For example, you like cooking content. Well, you can serve cooking content in a variety of unique places.

Or you can become a tutorial vlogger make up. This is easy to do because you can do it at home. Besides that, you can also become a commentator on world football reviews.

Set a schedule

After you decide on the concept you want, when you make a schedule when to start shooting. As a beginner, you must create schedule so that during production it is not tight with the time to download videos to the Youtube platform.

Use sophisticated gadgets

After creating a concept and setting a schedule, all you have to do is choose a device that can be used to record your actions as a vlogger. Yes, now with a smartphone you can actually make cool videos. However,smartphone what kind of things can support you to become a vlogger.

One of gadget what you can rely on is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Why? The reason is, smartphone it has a capable camera and sophisticated features.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 carries three main cameras. Each is a 12MP ultra-wide camera with an F2.2 aperture and a 123 degree angle.

Furthermore, there is a 12MP wide angle camera with support for super speed dual pixel AF, OIS, and aperture f1.8. Then there is a 12MP telephoto camera with PDAF support, f2.4 aperture, dual OIS, and support for 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

Apart from that, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 also features the Flex Mode. Screen section smartphone can also be opened upright to support the user experience using a number of applications.

Videos supported by Flex Mode include Video Player or video recording, YouTube, and the Internet. Meanwhile, Native Apps supported by this mode are Gallery, Video Call, and Calendar.

Smartphone This folding screen also has a Pro Video mode option. Here the user can choose the voice recording option, want to use the front mic, rear, USB, or from a Bluetooth connection.

To make the image quality clear, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has 4K image quality. This is suitable for those of you who want to become a vlogger without having to have a large professional camera.

Just use the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, you can become a famous vlogger!


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