Current Dax course: Dax takes a breather

Dusseldorf The German stock market takes a breather on Wednesday. Listed in the midday trade the Dax 1.1 percent in minus at 10,246 points.

Although the Dax could Key technical chart zone in the range of 10,391 counters rise, but he could not overcome them sustainably. Sustainable means: The Dax should at least be above this mark at the close, better three trading days in a row.

In simple terms, technical chart analysts try to predict the further development of stock prices and stock indices by comparing recurring price patterns from the past with current chart graphics.

The analysts of Landesbank Helaba have past bear market rallies until 1929: Again and again there were counter movements with price increases of 30 percent after crashes on the stock markets. “In seven cases, the prices then fell so significantly that new lows followed,” the experts calculated.

The Dax is currently in a similar situation: Starting from the previous correction low of 8255 points to yesterday’s daily high of 10,590 points, the increase in the German leading index is slightly more than 28 percent.

“Not least because of this, the coming days and weeks promise to be very exciting from a technical point of view,” said the analysts at Landesbank Helaba.

Not unusual, but noteworthy: The price increases of the past two days have been accompanied by conflicting signals. Firstly, the trading volume has been average to below average.

And secondly, the VDax, the nerve barometer of the stock exchange, gone up. This means that professional investors expect significantly higher price fluctuations in the coming weeks. It is not typical. The fear barometer usually falls with rising prices and vice versa. The VDax is currently trading at 46.89 points. A few weeks ago, this value was still at the historical value of 93.30 points. The VDax only signals relaxation when the values ​​are below 20.

The US stock exchanges also gave no support on yesterday’s trading day. The Dow Jones index initially trended more than four percent stronger during the day, but then lost all gains by the end of trading and closed slightly in the red. Investors experienced the sharpest change in trend since October 14, 2008, when the Dow revealed gains of five percent within an exchange session. The Asian stock exchanges tended to be mixed.

Look at the individual values

Shop pharmacy: The online drug dealer has completed a capital increase of 65 million euros. Around 1.12 million new shares were placed at an issue price of EUR 58. The stock rose 3.2 percent after losing nearly seven percent yesterday Tuesday. Nevertheless, the paper is a winner of the corona crisis: since the beginning of the year, the paper has increased by more than 45 percent.

Vonovia: Despite the corona crisis, the housing group is sticking to its profit targets. Fortunately give Vonovia his annual goals always with a certain corridor, said CEO Rolf Buch of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The share tops the Dax list of winners with an increase of 2.2 percent.

Tui: The tourism group has brought its government loan, which was applied for because of the corona crisis, under one roof. Tui has signed the contract with the development bank KfW for the bridging loan of 1.8 billion euros. Like other companies, Tui had to temporarily suspend the organizer, flight, hotel and cruise program. The stock, which was badly hit by the crisis and has lost more than 63 percent since the beginning of the year, initially rose by around ten percent after this announcement. Meanwhile, the increase in value is only 3.6 percent.

Look at other asset classes

The EU finance ministers postponed talks over a 500 billion aid package in the corona crisis after a video conference lasting several nights. Calls from Paris and Rome for joint euro bonds to build up after the crisis continue to cause considerable differences of opinion.

Because of that Italian government bond yields rise by almost six percent to a return of 1.695 percent with a term of ten years. On yesterday’s trading day, this value was now at 1.50 percent. By contrast, the yield on German government bonds fell to minus 0.335 percent after minus 0.318 on the previous day.

This postponement also has negative consequences for the euro. The European common currency falls 0.4 percent to $ 1.0844.

The weaker euro and the stronger dollar after the euro finance ministers’ disagreement initially caused the gold price to weaken. In the meantime, the troy ounce again costs $ 1,653, up 0.2 percent. According to Commerzbank’s foreign exchange analysts, the disagreement among political decision-makers in Europe speaks for gold. This would make the ECB step in as a cleaner and buy more bonds. Gold in euros should therefore soon make a new attempt at the all-time high experts say.

Before the meeting of the major oil producing countries There is hope for a reduction in production volumes on the raw material markets. Oil prices rose Wednesday after falling two days in a row. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent increased in price by up to 3.4 percent to $ 32.96. US light oil WTI cost up to seven percent more at $ 25.29.

“It is now important that the oil price is stabilized in order to avoid unnecessary credit risks amid the already unpredictable negative economic effects of the corona shutdown,” said Jochen Stanzl, chief market analyst at the CMC Markets trading house Give sale on the oil market.

What the chart technique says

The struggle for the important mark of 10,391 points remains because the leading German index failed to overcome it at the closing price.
On the bottom there are a number of upward price gaps that show how difficult it is for investors to value the market.

Such price gaps arise when the highest price of a day remains below that of the following day. Yesterday Tuesday the lowest price was 10,225 points, the highest price on Monday was 10,097 points. Such upward gaps are important resistance according to chart technology.

“From a risk point of view, this upward price gap is predestined as a hedge,” say the technical analysts at Düsseldorf Bank HSBC. If the leading German index falls below the 10,097 point mark, this increases the risk that the index will continue to slide.

“When planning wealth, the rule is: never get out completely!”

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