Customs with more than 900 new employees ready for Brexit | NOW

Customs has recruited more than 900 staff in recent years due to Brexit. Partly because of this, the service says it is ready for the British departure, even if an agreement between the UK and the EU is not reached, a spokesperson reports to when asked.

A few years ago, customs indicated that they expected the British departure from the EU to create a lot of extra work. In this context, the service wanted to recruit and train many new staff. “And we succeeded,” said the spokesman.

The service started recruiting well in advance of the initial Brexit date of March 29, 2019. Back then there was still a lot of shortage on the labor market, but the vacancies were nevertheless easily filled.

According to the spokesman, it does not matter much for the workforce whether the United Kingdom and the European Union reach an agreement. “We anticipated a British departure without an agreement. So in that scenario too we have enough people. And if an agreement is reached, I do not expect a surplus of staff. Due to natural attrition, that would be resolved fairly quickly.”

Does customs have the idea that companies are also well prepared for Brexit? “We hope so. But the only thing we can do is point out to the companies that good preparation is important.”

Thursday turned out that one in three companies doing business with the UK is waiting to make preparations for the British exit. This is because there is still a lot of uncertainty whether there will be a trade agreement or not.


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