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Cyber ​​attack blocks activity in Czech hospital amid coronavirus pandemic




Misfortunes sometimes never come alone. Brno University Hospital, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, has been blocked by a cyberattack right in the middle of the pandemic of Covid-19, the coronavirus of Chinese origin that has traveled the world, affecting the civil rights and economic system of a hundred countries. Some 150 infected have been registered in the Central European region.

Local media They have noted that the nature of the computer security breach is currently unknown. The attack has been described as “serious” and has led to the postponement of emergency surgery, as well as the transfer of patients in a delicate situation to nearby health centers such as the St.Anne University Hospital.

During the incident, the hospital center had to shut down its computer network infrastructure to avoid new problems. Specialized centers in maternity and childhood partners also suffered technical problems. The attack occurred on Friday morning, sources from the center added to the specialized media « ZDNet».

“The hospital’s public information system began repeating the message that all staff should immediately shut down all computers for security,” added the same sources.

“Part of the network collapsed, all the computer equipment was disconnected and we have not been able to use them,” he told local media. Pavel Žára, a hospital spokesman, who on Friday assured that the technical department of the center has been working to alleviate the effects of the cyber attack to return to normalcy. Currently, the hospital is conducting about twenty tests a day to detect patients infected with coronavirus.

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