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Cybercriminals washed 186.7 billion crowns through cryptocurrencies

Darknet was originally created with a noble idea, it was to be a space on the Internet without regulations and state supervision. Initially, it served primarily as an anonymous digital space in countries where there is severe censorship on networks, and it still serves these purposes today.

Gradually, however, darknet began to attract criminals who, under the guise of anonymity, could sell virtually any goods without restriction – so it is not a problem to find drugs, weapons, drugs, forged documents, malicious software or stolen personal data of ordinary users on the Internet black market.

People can connect to the darknet through special Internet browsers that are able to work over encrypted networks and offer configuration of communication protocols and ports.

Virtual coins, most often bitcoins, ethereum or monero, serve as currency here, thanks to which buyers and sellers are practically untraceable. Thus, law enforcers have very limited options to stop trading on the black internet market.

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