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Cyril Hanouna and Arthur go to war on the networks: “If you have a problem, we settle it like men”

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French animators Arthur and Cyril Hanouna do not like each other, it is common knowledge. A new “clash” exchange on Twitter is again talking about them.

It all started with a remark by Cyril Hanouna on the audiences for Arthur’s show. The two hosts do not like each other and let each other know with a clash on Twitter. Cyril Hanouna published an article concerning the small audiences of “Friday everything is allowed” on TF1: “It’s fucking hot! These scores on TF1 are freaking out for the start of the school year! We will work hard with the teams so as not to disappoint you! I know you are demanding more and more and you are right! We will do everything to do the best.

It didn’t take more for Arthur to react: “Even with a second part of the evening broadcast in prime time, even on August 14 in the middle of a heatwave, 1,900,000 viewers and 22% on housewives are figures that you have never done in your entire career. I don’t blame you because I know you love me. I kiss you hard and am proud to count you among my biggest fans.

The “clash” responses are linked. Cyril Hanouna invites Arthur to go pedalo “it will relax you“And” Vto do a little sport to strengthen it all“to finish on:”let go you can do it even at 60 years old keep in shape my brother“.

While Arthur replies: “So we drop the subject of hearings then? Because that does not argue much about yours. In any case, I’m a fan of ‘Take it or leave it’. Very good choice.“In reference to the game animated by Arthur from 2004 to 2010 and taken over in 2014 by Cyril Hanouna.

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This lively discussion ends with Cyril Hanouna inviting him to his show… accompanied by the message: “If you have a problem we sort it out like you and me guys.


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