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Czech talent in America. Hearty people, worse food and painful Achilles tendons

How was your first year overseas?

I met great people, I am very satisfied with my studies and the way Czech and American athletics tied. The American coach communicates with my Czech coach, now I’m in the Czech Republic, I train with my former group, but the coach still has a couple of what I’m doing here. It was the first year, I kind of felt everything. For the first time I see how long distance crews train, who is my group, but I also have girls who run 400 and 800, new girls come there … Actually, for the first time I run with small girls, I’ve always been accustomed to training with boys.

What does the study of industrial design look like?

For the first year, we were all connected to earn all the discipline in the faculty. I studied the building in Opava, where the main function was, now I have to focus on what it looks like. I love both opinions, I am grateful for having tried them. Next year will be more about design.

How do you enjoy a few weeks between years in the Czech Republic?

I see the differences more than, for example, in winter. It’s really nice to see them.

People in America are terribly cordial in the beginning. You don’t seem to handle anyone here, but you are given true feedback. And I missed eating so much. I don’t need lumbar every day, but quality food in the Czech Republic comes to me better for the price.

What athletic plans do you have for the summer? You have a limit for the world championships, in August there is a European championship.

I’m going to go to the doctors, I’m quite upset with Achilles tendon, then I’ll probably decide.

It has bothered you long ago, in the winter you said that conditions have improved.

He always improves in training because I don’t run with shoes. Then I put on my shoes and it got worse, worse and worse. I already take ibuprofen, which I hate, it probably doesn’t make sense to run like this. So we’ll see with the World Cup, I’d like to go, but I’ve been worried about these Achilovka for three years now …

What changes have you made in America as a quarterback?

I’ve been running into the second Thursday now, and I don’t feel the best of it as I’ve felt for the last two or three years. But I see it as a change to be better then, to try to figure out how to combine study and athletic work in America. It will move me one hundred percent in the future, it may just take a little longer.

You also started on the octopuses, that you used to defend against. Perhaps they would be gentler on Achilles tendons.

They are better for these Achilles, worse for my psyche. So we have to decide who is more important. (smiles) I can handle it better than previous years, but as Achilles pain hurts and I run two wheels, it’s not totally nice. I would like to put together 200, 400 and 800 meters and have fun and athletics.

How did you enjoy the New Year’s award at the university?

I didn’t even know I would get the price. It was nice to see all the athletes supporting each other and how everyone is happy about them all. Support other nice coaches too. Here athletics is an individual sport and there is a team sport. I don’t like team sports very much, but it’s nice there.

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