Czechs often book yachts for the summer, order more expensive boats

Updates: 20.03.2021 09:05

Prague – According to the search engine, Czechs often order yachts for the summer. The number of reservations currently includes districts after Germans, Poles and Austrians. Most Czech tourists are going on a yacht to Croatia. They are mainly interested in advantageous ships, where price and performance are in line. Nevertheless, compared to last year, they are booking more expensive yachts. For a weekly rental, they pay an average of 3,000 euros (about 78,000 CZK), ie 500 euros (about 13,000 CZK) more. Families and groups of friends, most often eight-member, set out on the ship. The co-founder of, Pavel Přibiš, told ČTK.

According to Přibiš, people who want to spend a summer vacation on a yacht have the highest time to book a boat, later only the more expensive ones will probably remain available. In addition, he assumes that before the summer, as last year, they will all be sold out. They are perceived as a cheap and safe holiday. Many reservations from last year have been moved to this year, and therefore domestic destinations such as Lipno or Slapy are already occupied, he said.

Interested parties from Germany and Scandinavia started ordering yachts at the end of last year, and the Czechs joined them, according to Přibiš, in mid-January.

According to Přibiš, the flexibility of shipowners has changed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. They no longer want a high deposit when booking and are willing to accommodate customers. “Most charter companies on now offer a lower prepayment fee for booking, around 15 percent, some rentiers have no longer required a deposit. 90 percent of ships offer client protection in case of travel restrictions. In case of cancellation, the holiday can be postponed free of charge. “he said.

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Due to the high demand, has expanded the number of countries where people can go, offering dozens of them. According to Přibiš, he opened South America, new places in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. “We offer new ports for connoisseurs in Finland, Estonia and Denmark. By the way, Scandinavia is a yachting paradise that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism,” he added.

According to Přibiš, has 16,458 boats on the website and is waiting for the opening of large river fleets in France and England, where it has newly signed lease agreements. People can choose from his offer, for example, a ship after Frank Sinatra or cocaine smugglers.

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