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D.Bičkauskis is grateful to the friends of the team for their support: since the beginning of the season, some people at Ryte did not want me

Two years ago Dovis Bičkauskis He was looking forward to a new career challenge – then he signed a contract with the Vilnius “Rytas” team, which was the highest step he had to pass.

Now the defender has said goodbye to the capital’s team and is ready for new roads.

D.Bičkauskis, 27, 191 cm tall, is not hiding – he probably hasn’t had such an emotionally difficult season yet, so after that he needed rest for his body and head.

“When the season ended, I honestly didn’t do anything for about a month because the season was tough. I was with the child, we went to the sea, we were at a wedding and so on. After that month, I started playing sports, and the summer is running, “he smiles.

Two years at “Ryte” was not easy for D. Bičkauskis: in the first season it was necessary to get used to what it means to play in a grand club, what it means to adapt to a new role, later to withstand changes that may not always feel necessary for your team.

From the very beginning of the season, rumors spread semi-loudly that D. Bičkauskis could go to another club, but this did not happen in the end. The defender himself now reveals that he felt great that not everyone needs, it is true, he was very helped to survive this period by the harmony and support of his teammates.

“The season was almost the hardest in my career, because I had to go through a lot: from the very beginning, some people who were there didn’t want me, they tried to get rid of me. It felt and was the hardest. True, later it got that they were not left in the club either.

Then Žibėnas came, put everything into cancer and when you gain confidence, it is normal for you to believe in yourself more. Everything seems to be going well and we made it to the finals. Although we were, as we say here, manure both psychologically and physically, when we reached the finals, we put everything in the cancers we had to be in, ”he is open.

D.Bičkauskis says that during the most difficult period he tried to think as little as possible about the situation, listen to the opinions of others and rather direct his thoughts in another direction. Among them was the birth of a son.

“I tried to distance myself from social networks, comments, who thinks what, from podcasts. When I got home I didn’t talk about basketball at all, my wife was waiting, I had completely different thoughts. Maybe it was easier to survive. And when I came to the hall, I was glad that shaika is great, at the end of the season we saw that we showed character, we were a fist and it is the merit of the locker room that we did not break. It was hard not only for me – but for others as we began to lose. Other things just contributed to me, it wasn’t fun and I felt that I was bothered by it in the square as well, ”says the defender.

D.Bičkauskis finished the season with statistics of 7.1 points, 2 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 8.8 utility points in 20 minutes in the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL).

In the Champions League, he scored 6.2 points in 17 minutes, rebounded 2.2 balls, made 2.5 assists and earned 5.3 utility points.


D.Bičkauskis smiles that before coming to “Rytas” he seemed to know what was waiting for him here, but he did not even imagine that the Vilnius team would be under such a magnifying glass.

“In the first year, I really didn’t expect people to like” Morning “so much, I don’t even know why. Maybe this is from the old days, when the “Rytas” and “Žalgiris” finals “El Clasico” took place and the people of Vilnius won a couple of times. Maybe it has grown from generation to generation. So much negativity, gossip … At first I wasn’t even ready for that. The first season ended quickly, and in the second I already knew what to expect, I was reconciled. Next time, it even seemed like he was winning, silencing critics, but for how long – until some other hook, ”he laughs.

When “Rytas” started to “burn” in the LKL championships, King Mindaugas Cup and Champions League, the situation in the team was not the best and the defender says that only the cloakroom’s faith allowed him to recover.

“We felt shame and despair in front of us. Everything seemed to be slipping out of hand, nothing was going well, but there was a turning point when we appeared tragically against Juventus. And then we shot up.

Maybe it took a shock, the players stopped believing. Some players, not saying I am one or several, felt not much needed. The change brought great benefits, we won a lot in a row, the emotions changed in both trainings and matches, and finally, when everyone wrote us down, we reached the LKL final, ”he was proud of the final result.

D. Bičkauskis says that from the two years of “Morning” he will remember two things the most: his son born during this period and the locker room: “We had a great time in both seasons. chic all great men, I will long for them all.

The firstborn who saw the world in December dramatically changed the life of D.Bičkauskis and the defender claims that only the first months with less sleep were more difficult – later they managed to get used to and adapt life to the child.

“Now all my free time and life revolves not around me, but in the child. He regulates life: maybe he wants where to go, he thinks when he sleeps, when he doesn’t, when he eats, when he doesn’t. The child made another person out of me.

He disturbed his sleep because we slept together, it was like he was both talking and getting up, we had to live with it. The average sleep dropped significantly, but once I got used to it, it didn’t bother me anymore. I found ways to fall asleep when I stayed home alone, when my wife went out with the child, ”he smiles.

Butkevičius, Bičkauskis

Although at the beginning of the season D. Bičkauskis was in the mood that his stage “In the Morning” might not last, at the end he still had hope that he might be able to stay if he managed to negotiate a smaller contract. Still, the languages ​​remained languages ​​and he did not receive a serious offer.

“In the second half of the season, I think I coped a bit with the role I had, I thought that maybe we would not extend the” plus “, but would offer me a new contract. But when a month passed, I realized that no one was talking and everything was clear, “he recalls.

It is not yet clear where D. Bičkauskis’ career will turn, but it seems that he will have a choice between LKL and foreign clubs. The defender himself thinks that if he had to move to a club of a slightly lower level, psychologically it would not be very easy, because it would seem like a step back, but his decision will be determined by many motives.

“Maybe it would feel psychologically, because” Morning “is a top team. Wherever I went, I would have been different, hardened, I still got a lot of experience here, I saw the level before I grew up. Naturally, it took time to come from another club to the new system, I had to re-understand what it took, how to play, how important each match is.

The year is not young, the future decision will depend on both the financial conditions and whether the coach wants me, what the locker room is, what players, what fans and what goals. You want to fight for the highest places. By the way, when it comes to the fans, I can add that the fans of “Rytas” are really one of the best in Lithuania.

It’s hard to say how it will be, maybe a foreigner has a better chance today. It all depends on the circumstances. I will not blindly think, I will think and then I will make a decision, ”he says.

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