Monday, 10 Dec 2018

D.C. bicycling group urges city to move faster on making streets safer

A group of activists asked better safety Nov. 15 for pedestrians and bicyclists, bearing placards with the names of 10 pedestrians who have been killed in 2018. The Washington Area Bicyclist Association has called for the District to add 25 miles of new bike lanes a year, boost residential parking fees, and reduce traffic in the city, perhaps through congestion pricing. It also requires strict 20 mph speed limits. (Fredrick Kunkle / The Washington Post) The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) has a 25 year history of driving a bicycle. Strictly speaking, the driving force behind the limits of the parking lot, the price of the parking lot must be reduced, and the parking lot must be renewed. The group's postponement Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) should also further streamline the bureaucratic process for redesigning and engineering the city's streets and intersections, while reducing the influence of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and other local groups on the planning process. WABA's holiday wish list reiterates several long-standing goals, while urging the city to move further and safer streets safer at a time when traffic deaths have increased. But the action plan also lacks a price tag and seems more than a little ambitious: Adding 25 miles of bike lanes [D.C. region renews push on pedestrian safety as deaths increase here and nationwide] Several recent decisions have been made in the past, and have become more commonplace. Thirty-one people have been killed in this year, compared with 30 in 2017, according to D.C. Police. In 2001, 1,102 miles of streets had been built, which was envisioned at 75-mile biking network. Last year, for example, the city added 3.3 miles from new bike lanes and expects to get down an additional five miles this year. Read more Tripping: Sorry, but jumping a turntile is not a problem. .

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