Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Dad stays calm and sings for his girl during the evacuation of a campfire

As Joe Allen passed through the nightmarish flames that surrounded them on Thursday, he thought of his young girl at the back.

"Baby, it'll be all right," Allen sings as he makes his way through the thick smoke and embers, streaming down the top of their car like torrential rain.

Saturday's reports suggest that the wildfire raging in northern California, called Camp Fire, has left more than nine dead, dozens missing and destroyed more than 6,000 homes. The fires in southern California have already killed two people.

Allen and his family were among the thousands of people forced to flee the largely destroyed city of Paradise. Allen's wife, Whitney, told Fox News subsidiary KTVU that they had taken two vehicles. She drove with their 8-month-old daughter, Jordan, while Joe took Olivia, 3 years old.

"There is so much fire here. We are going to fire, "Olivia was told in a Facebook video of their escape, recounted by his wife on Thursday, more than 85,000 times.

"Hey guess what, we're not going to catch fire," Allen promised, promising to film his camera in the direction of the huge flames on both sides of the road, "We're going to stay away and everything will be fine," he said. "We're fine."

Whitney Allen told KTVU that her husband's military training helped her stay calm in the face of high pressure situations. "Of course he was worried and at one point we thought we were not going to do it," she said.

"I can not see my mother," exclaims Olivia, urging them to go home. Allen intends to continue to calm his daughter by ensuring that he will stay away from the flames.

Moments later, both come out unscathed. The flames are gone and the orange hue and embers that engulfed them are no longer visible.

"Look, we went, we went out, okay?" Said Allen, relieved.

"You did it!", Exclaims his daughter.

"We did it together," Allen replies before continuing to speed up security.


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