Dalibor Janda’s health is improving. He is about to leave the hospital soon

Jand was burdened last Sunday, the ambulance allegedly had to take him to the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital due to heart problems. There he underwent two operations, as his daughter Jiřina Anna Jandová entrusted to Nova TV.

On Thursday, the singer’s condition improved significantly. “I’m very happy to finally have a slightly more optimistic voice. I’ve talked to my dad, he feels better and greets everyone very much. He’s after surgery, so it looks very promising. Of course it was difficult, now it’s all in his head. But he is in good hands, “said Jandová.

It was not clear for a long time whether two operations would be enough and Janda would be able to return to the family. According to information from TN.cz, he is already doing so well that doctors should let him into home care on Monday. “We are looking forward to being all together again,” said the daughter of a Czech pop music legend.

Just before hospitalization, there was no indication that the singer would not be able to do without the help of doctors soon. Fortunately, the hospital stay is successful. Janda is signed under such hits as Hurricane, Live as a Stuntman, A Thousand Times More Beautiful or Fire, Water, Wind.

Watch TV Nova’s report on Dalibor Janda’s difficult health:


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